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Careful with those surveys

T N Ninan

A survey's design determines its findings; understanding the logic behind measurement is key to interpretation

The drift of the empire

Aditi Phadnis

Nearly everyone is missing a sense of purpose in the Modi-led NDA government

Weekend Columnists

Malavika Sangghvi: Oops, he did it again

The irony of Rahul Gandhi taking on the cause of meritocracy has not been lost on anyone

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Children vary in eagerness - some want to learn and probably will do so even with limited resources and opportunity



What is your opinion on the death penalty in India?

  • Keep it only for rarest of rare cases
  • Abolish it
  • Broaden rarest of rare to include rape
  • Keep it, but use injections


Baba Sehgal

Baba Sehgal can make anything rhyme

When all efforts to reach the music composer and singer Baba (Harjeet) Sehgal were in vain, I put up an update on Facebook to request for help. ...

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Windows 10 launched: A fresh start, and a few bugs

Users find the new Windows a definite improvement, but a work-in-progress

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