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BJP U-turn on land bill: Govt agrees to bring back key provisions of UPA's law

BJP members in the joint panel of Parliament on land bill today moved amendments seeking to bring back social impact assesment & consent clause

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Land Bill: Parliament panel gets 4 more days to submit report



Satya Poddar: Making up for lost ground on GST

Satya Poddar

Notwithstanding the disappointing Select Panel report, the GST Bill can be salvaged with simple adjustments and the backing of stakeholders

Sunita Narain: Leave Delhi, or face up to pollution?

Sunita Narain

There may not be any comprehensive epidemiological study conclusively showing how growing air pollution in cities is adding to health burden


Jency Jacob: Media and the underworld

Editor's Guild and Broadcast Editor's Association have much to introspect on the distrust by its readers & viewers

Archis Mohan: The intriguing politics of postage stamps

New stamps to depict Sangh icons and 'forgotten' Congress leaders




Is the govt ban on over 800 porn sites an intrusion into the private lives of Indian citizens?

  • Yes, what I do in my bedroom is my business
  • No, our moral standards are declining
  • The ban could have been selective
  • Can't really say


Changing the rules of auctioning

Method of bidding out resources has to take into account long-term viability of the sector

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Windows 10: Taking baby steps with a fresh OS

Windows 10 works well on older devices; and, here's our experience

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