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Visitors are silhouetted against the logo of the International Monetary Fund at the main venue for the IMF and World Bank annual meeting in Tokyo

IMF pares India's growth forecast to 7.3% for FY16

Recently, Asian Development Bank had also slashed the country's economic growth for 2015-16 to 7.4% from its earlier projections of 7.8%

Related: IMF predicts lower global growth of 3.1% in 2015

India fastest growth market for PwC, EY in FY15



The diminishing Idea of India

Shyam Saran

If we value India, we must not only 'Make in India', but defend the idea of India, too

Cyber waves in judiciary

M J Antony

Some courts take faltering steps into the digital world, but many lag behind


A pinch of salt

Best to avoid basing policy on poverty estimates

Big Brother in Nepal

India is frittering away its political capital


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Is the three-fold hike in fees by the IITs justified?

  • Yes, the institutes are highly subsidised
  • Yes, most IIT grads run away abroad anyway
  • No, where will the poor student go?
  • Yes and no. Hike the fees, but gradually


Avoid falling prey to card frauds

Avoid falling prey to card frauds

Check the slot that accepts the card; if it's shaky or loose, look for another ATM

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SOMA: A persisting horror

SOMA: A persisting horror

The gaming experience will take time to fade away

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