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Australian court revokes environmental approval for Adani's Carmichael coal mine

Adani attributes ruling to 'technical legal error', confident matter would be rectiifed

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Australian project stuck, Adani to focus on India plans



Is NDA any different from UPA?

A K Bhattacharya

In spite of differences on social policies, there is a broad consensus between the Congress and the BJP on the nature of economic policies that need to be pursued

Vinayak Chatterjee: Whither infra investments?

Vinayak Chatterjee

The absence of data on infrastructure investment is untenable. An appropriate government department needs to take ownership


An opportunity lost

Food and oil prices under control, but RBI says no rate cut

Fixing farm credit

More steps needed for agri-credit to reach farmers




Is the govt ban on over 800 porn sites an intrusion into the private lives of Indian citizens?

  • Yes, what I do in my bedroom is my business
  • No, our moral standards are declining
  • The ban could have been selective
  • Can't really say


Joint life insurance is cost effective

A couple should opt for it if it shares a financial liability

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India second in Apsalar's click fraud index

Is also among top 10 countries with highest rate of in-app purchase thefts

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