T N Ninan When a soft state privatises, it clings on to the public-sector deadwood

Karti Chidambaram gets bail, CBI says he destroyed evidence; 10 highlights

Shyamal Majumdar Mid-career burn-out: When was a time you felt energised in your work?

Siddaramaiah govt announces minority status to Lingayats community

Rajya Sabha election result 2018: BJP now largest party in the Upper House

Sonia Gandhi falls ill in Shimla: Flies to Delhi from Chandigarh; updates

Anna Hazare begins indefinite fast for Lokpal, calls govt 'sly': 10 points

Rahul Jacob Unfriending Facebook: A commitment to sharing less nonsense on social media

Praveer Sinha to take over as Tata Power MD from Anil Sardana on May 1

Frames Per Second Who's watching? A Facebook-Cambridge Analytica style snoop on celluloid

Telecom subscriber base dips 1.3% to 1.17 billion in January: Trai

ArcelorMittal to rebid for Essar Steel after failing legal eligibility test

No question of cutting ties unless Facebook is proved guilty: CEC Rawat

Bibek Debroy Naming trains after individuals? It happens in Britain or Pakistan



Power to them who control data

Claude Smadja

Illustration by Binay Sinha Data is to 21st century economy what oil was to 20th century, and it is being weighed in gold

Streamline our lending system

Mrutyunjaya Mohanty

Punjab National Bank Why do we not talk about the whopping bank loan defaults?


Behind the curve

Facebook data theft underlines India's lax privacy laws

Without fear or favour

The Speaker should take up the no-confidence motion




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Is the government justified in wanting to step in and cap the airfare cancellation and rescheduling fees?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Can't Say



Making a will online is cheaper and more convenient: Here is how to do it

An individual with assets in one state can get it done for Rs 2,500-4,000

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Apple iPhone slowdown

Apple to fix bug, Siri will no longer read updates on locked iPhone screen

Siri's behaviour becomes a privacy issue because it can read out messages and emails from third-party apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, ...

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