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Govt has only one holy book 'Constitution': PM in Lok Sabha

Govt has only one holy book 'Constitution': PM in Lok Sabha

Modi also rejected the Congress contention that NDA govt was trying to deny due credit or undermining the role of leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru

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Looking for common ground on GST, hope to pass it soon: Govt



Narendra Modi's eighteen months

T N Ninan

While it is reasonable to expect that the over-all tempo will pick up in 2016, not enough "structural and institutional" change-claimed by Mr Modi-is on display to justify the boast of a "take-off stage" and a "new business environment"

Incredible Indiahahahahaha

Mitali Saran

It’s a form of poetic justice that a party that cravenly yearns for international validation under a pseudo-nationalist cloak is the party that is methodically turning India into the world’s laughing stock, statement by brainless statement


Is 'secularism' really being misused?

A maverick MP from Odisha thinks people who want to know the meaning should look up a dictionary, writes Archis Mohan

Nitish should have raised taxes on liquor, not banned it

Prohibition has always failed in curbing liquor consumption; Nitish Kumar should have checked its history first, writes Mayank Mishra


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Are Indian security forces equipped to better handle a 26/11 type of attack today than they were in 2008?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Can't Say


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Reposition FMPs in your portfolio

While it no longer offers the same short-term advantage, it is still a good product for the medium term

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InFocus M808i: a mid-range phone not worth its price

InFocus M808i: An iPhone-like low-cost Android device

Looks like an iphone 6 but performance disappoints

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