Modi in China to begin meet with Xi Jinping soon: Everything you must know

Rahul Gandhi plane shuddered, lost auto-pilot; Cong wants probe: 10 points

Aadhaar privacy row: SC raps govt as 134,000 Indians' data leaked; updates

Volkswagen remains open to partnerships in India for budget cars

Congress slams BJP for not confronting China over Doklam; top developments

Don't sanction India over Russian defence deal, could hurt us: US lawmakers

Battleground Karnataka Karnataka Assembly elections: BJP, Congress talk development

Rosneft-owned Essar Oil to be renamed Nayara Energy; to create new identity

Soon, politicians will find it tough to influence voters through Facebook

PNB fraud: CBI finds major lapses, to file chargesheet next month

IPL 2018 grabs 423 million eyeballs in two weeks across the country

Bubbling global crude oil prices spell triple-whammy setback for India

India nears rural electrification target, but 32 mn homes still in the dark

'Pakistan under Siege' book review: Paranoia as state policy



A poorly serviced export engine

Kishan S Rana

Efforts to push China into rectifying trade deficit with India, including minister-level talks in Delhi last month, have produced little visible result

Pakistan's experiments with democracy

Aakar Patel

pakistan democracy The country goes to polls in July, but even 70 years after independence, it is not clear who is the true sovereign of the land

Editorial comment

Stick to rules

Avoid discretion on cooling-off period for bureaucrats

Illogical tax demand

Taxing banks' free services defies business logic




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Will Mumbai's plans to use its salt pans for affordable housing have massive environmental consequences?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Can't Say


investments, funds

Here's why you must invest in foreign assets to guard against rupee's fall

A vast array of components are also imported, such as for computers, high-definition television sets, and other electronic items

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Apple iPad 2018

Apple iPad 2018 review: An education-centric tablet with stylus, AR support

The latest iteration of the iPad, at least outwardly, is a dead ringer for its predecessor from last year. The biggest change, however, is ...

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