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Arihant Innochem introduces US-based Colonial Chemical's green surfactant for sulphate-free personal care products

Suga Nate 160NC surfactant, from Colonial Chemical, is derived from renewable feedstock sources, and provides many advantages in a broad range of home & personal care product applications

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Sulphate-free shampoo

The Mumbai-based Pvt Ltd has introduced a green surfactant, 160NC (sodium laurylglucosides hydroxypropylsulfonate) from Inc, for manufacturers of home and in India. Arihant Innochem, a leading distribution house, is the sole distributor of the Inc in India.  
products for personal care and household use are only going to continue to grow in popularity. While large, global chemical manufacturers continue to claim that only ‘negative press’ has been responsible for the scrutiny given to the use of sulfates in formulations, consumers are continually seeking alternative products that feature substitute ingredients – especially the ones that offer significant benefits withoutdiminishing performance.
In the past, formulators found it more perplexing to work on solutions than making products with conventional sulfates. The challenges for the formulator include thickening, foam quantity and quality, preservatives included in the chemical, and the mildness of the primary surfactant. Many popular products are available as replacements to SLS or SLES, but may not be suitable to address all of the demanding requirements of formulators needing a commercially-available surfactant with outstanding properties and performance metrics. What is needed is a very un-typical product.
Colonial Chemical’s 160NC, which is derived from renewable feedstock sources, is a high-performance surfactant that provides numerous advantages in a broad range of applications. Instead of only mitigating the irritation of traditional sulfates, formulators using 160NC can start with a high-foaming product and build to preferred aesthetic properties, without concerns of irritation to eyes and skin, any safety issues. Knowing that it’s as natural a product as can be found anywhere in the market today, 160NC is an all-natural, bio-based product.
160NC begins with a naturally-derived raw material - alkyl poly glucoside (APG). APG are nonionic, nitrogen-free, EO free and 1,4-dioxane free, and are a natural choice for because of the level of  detergency, low color, and no nitrosamine issues. There are, however, deficiencies, among them; solubility issues, handling, moderate foaming and irritation. A better way to approach the challenges of using APGs is through derivatization.  A derivitized APG surfactant is easier to formulate and provides a broader range of applications. This process offers greater functionality and application in formulations, minimises the irritation to skin and eyes, and has more desirable properties than typical APG

160NC shows no visible skin reaction
The irritation is not just low – it is zero irritation. In every independent study, 160NC has been shown to provide the mildest results possible (HET-CAM score of 0, occlusive skin patch and repeat insult patch testing with no visible skin reaction), while still building a high, wet, dense and stable foam preferred by consumers. In contrast, the leading no-tears baby has a HET-CAM score of 11. While many of the claims associated with products include safety from known carcinogens, the most common feature for these formulations is that they won’t irritate the skin, scalp or damage hair in the way sulfates are liable. To this end, there’s nothing milder than 160NC that will perform as well.
160NC exceeds biodegradable and toxicity requirements, meaning it is also very safe for the environment. These aren’t just ‘greenwashing’ claims, either – there are independent studies that show that 160NC is very friendly with organisms, is readily biodegradable, and contains no toxins that could show up in water sampling. 160NC is truly a green surfactant and is readily biodegradable – causing no harm to the environment and contributes to an environmentally safe fluid waste stream. 
A common complaint among formulators is that APG-based ‘won’t foam’. While that may have been true in the past, 160NC has been demonstrated to have equal or superior immediate foam characteristics to many common as shown in hard water foaming tests. Colonial Chemical’s own 160NC formulation has also been demonstrated to have equal or superior foaming characteristics to other popular shampoos.
Along with foam, building viscosity in natural, formulations has been a challenge for formulators. A simple combination of 160NC with lauramidopropyl or cocamidopropyl betaine will give high viscosity formulations at solids levels that are achievable in all types of formulations.
160NC is also a cost-effective alternative when compared to other used in typical formulations. By comparison, the percentage of solids required for a suitable formulation is preferable to many competitive products currently available. And the result is a very soft, luxuriant feel that cleans well and won’t dry or irritate.
160NC holds the following clearances for the respective countries - TSCA, DSL, REACH, AICS, ENCS, ECL, and NZIoC. Additionally, 160NC is listed among the NGOs such as NPA Certified Ingredient, NSF/ANSI 305-2012, DfE approved –CleanGredients, Whole Foods Market list of premium body care products, USDA Biopreferred Product, and a GreenStar Rating of 10.
In many ways, 160NC lives up to its promise of being greener, milder and safer than anything else for formulating. 

First Published: Thu, June 18 2015. 13:46 IST