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My Life My Style: Vikram Chandra, CEO of NDTV

Who's behind The Big Fight?

Vikram Chandra
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Best professional moment:
Becoming the first TV journalist to film the heights and the living conditions on the Siachen glacier.

Current books on your bedside:
by and by Jeffery Deaver.

Massage or workout to de-stress:

Designs that have caught your eye recently:
MacBook Air. B and W Zeppelin.

Your IT tools:
IPad, MacBook pro.

Favourite fashion designer:
Ashish Soni.

Favourite spirit:

Favourite wine:
Nothing fancy.

Favourite champagne:
Don’t drink it.

Your sleeping ritual:

Favourite TV show:
The Big Fight? Oh ok, 24.

Best gift received:

Best gift given:

Favourite cuisines:
Chinese, Japanese.

What food items do you like to shop for? Why?
Whole grain mustard. Because my wife loves it!

Newspaper TV channels and websites you prefer: Other than ours?
HT, Times, Express, Mail Today. The NYT site is good.

On a plane do you prefer to network, sleep or catch up on films and reading?
Films and reading.

Fancy coffee or masala tea:
Coffee. Always.

Can you cook? What?
I used to, in college. Spaghetti. Chilli con carne. And meat curry!

Do you fill customer feedback forms? Why?
Yes, once in a while. When they insist.

Are you a beach or mountain person?
Beach!!! No contest.

Your cologne:

What’s your weekday breakfast like? And weekend?
Don’t eat a very heavy breakfast.

Your current set of wheels:
Accord, but it’s falling apart; so need suggestions.

In the car, is it sleep or cell for you?

God for you is:
The ocean.

Favourite Restaurant:

Workday lunch is:
Eaten quickly.

Your workout regime:
When I get the time.

Your ideal holiday:
Bumming around on a beach somewhere.

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