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Meenakshi Radhakrishnan-Swami  |  New Delhi 

You Can Have Your Cheese and Eat it too
William Cottringer
Pages: 191; Price: Rs 150
East West (Madras) Pvt Ltd
Why do writers and publishers persist in believing their readers have single-digit IQs? The readership of most management consists of MBAs"" people who slogged nights at B-school, working their way through volume after volume of "serious" management literature.
So, why do most these days portray some creature lower down the evolutionary scale as the fount of wisdom? Regardless of whether it's a fish or a mouse or a cat, there's something demeaning about getting gyan from a dumb animal.
obviously doesn't agree. So, he's written a book where two mice and two cats form an unlikely partnership. The cats""Khaos and Kunfuzion""create chaos and the two mice""Klarity and Simplicity""restore order.
Somewhere along the way, they forget the duty roster and each goes his merry way, creating chaos and restoring order without discrimination.
And then there are the moustraps""situations that aggravate the chaos, confusion and complexity. It's all very complicated, there are quirky little illustrations of mice and cheese""and it all gave me a headache.
Spencer Johnson's Who Moved My Cheese was the inspiration for this little book. So you know who I blame.


First Published: Mon, November 15 2004. 00:00 IST