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Alibaba's biggest investments in 2017

The indicated funding figure may include contributions from other investors

Steven Millward | Tech in Asia 

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Photo: Reuters

In a good year for Alibaba it spent big on Here’s this year’s top action. SUN ART Funding round: $2.9 billion Country: China Paying nearly $3 billion for a one-third stake, Alibaba invested in Sun Art Retail, which operates several well-known supermarket brands. INTIME Acquisition amount: $2.6 billion Country: China Alibaba made its first serious push into brick-and-mortar retail back in early 2014 when it ploughed nearly $700 million into department store and mall firm TOKOPEDIA Funding round: $1.1 billion Country: Indonesia In August, it doubled down on its 2016 acquisition – which gave the Chinese firm an online shopping empire across much of Southeast Asia – by throwing a lot of money at Indonesian ecommerce app LAZADA Funding round: $1 billion Country: Indonesia Alibaba upped its stake in in April, paying an extra billion bucks to go from 51 to 83 percent. ELE.

ME Funding round: $1 billion Country: China China’s growing hunger for food delivery led Alibaba to once again invest in, which emerged as the leading meal-delivery app. CAINIAO Acquisition amount: $799 million Country: China is Alibaba’s logistics wing, running a network of warehouses and trucking partners. OFO Funding round: $700 million Country: China Both and Mobike were bolstered by colossal funding rounds as they raced to expand SOUCHE Funding round: $335 million Country: China – literally “search car” in Chinese – lives up to its name as a search engine for secondhand car buyers. YIGUO Funding round: $300 million Country: China Fresh foods app operates in more than 200 cities across China, with those in some of the largest cities getting same-day delivery. BIGBASKET Funding round: $280 million Country: India Over in India, Alibaba is in the late stages of a move to invest in groceries startup

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First Published: Tue, December 26 2017. 11:48 IST