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Entrepreneur and fitness trainer gains 34 Kg just to understand his clients

Drew Manning decided to see things from his clients' POV, reports Tech in Asia

Jay Kim | Tech in Asia 

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Drew Manning is a personal trainer, entrepreneur, marketing guru, and New York Times bestselling author. But before becoming successful, he realised that, as a personal trainer, he didn’t understand his clients.

Manning came up with an idea on how to relate better with them. He made a commitment to stop exercising for six months and follow a restriction-free American diet. He gained 75 pounds in the process.

After six months, he eventually began getting fit again. During that time, he learned the entire process and struggles of what his clients normally go through.

Here, he shares with us the importance of listening to your clients and crafting a program fit for their needs.

Did you have savings since you quit your job?

“No. There was a book advance, which definitely helped out, and then my wife at the time, she had a job as well. I didn’t just quit that day. I wasn’t working as much, but I had my job for about a month while I started writing my book.

“It wasn’t like a huge leap of faith where I’m like, ‘OK, I think I’m going to go this route without any kind of income or advance from the book.’”

How do you feel differently now about your clients?

“After going through this process in this journey, one of the biggest things I learned was how much a transformation is mental and emotional way more than physical. That’s what I focus on now and so much more when I help out clients.

Entrepreneur and fitness trainer gained 34 Kg to understand his clients

“I don’t train people one on one anymore but all my programs online focus more on the mental and emotional side.”
This is an excerpt from the article published on Tech In Asia. You can read the full article here