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In need of good engineers? How to convince them to work for you

More often than not, it takes a convincing nudge, reports Tech in Asia

Natasha Chan | Tech in Asia 

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In a world that increasingly runs on code, software engineers are in high demand. With many start-ups and tech giants to choose from, what would convince them to work for you?

We came across several key points that could potentially help in recruiting top talent.

Unexpected encounters

Ken, a front-end web developer for 5 years, got his first development role when his coursemate approached him to join his More often than not, it takes a convincing nudge (and a promising offer) to get engineers, as well as other talent, to work for you.

Online visibility

When trying to recruit the experts in development, it is crucial to have a strong online presence. Melvin, a web engineer, found his job after coming across numerous Facebook posts about an opening. Luckily, it was exactly what he was comfortable with. “They were looking for a (jolly) PHP developer, and I’ve been working on PHP for 10 years,” he shared.

Opportunity for growth

Salary is often mistaken as the most important factor to motivate employees but developers like Wei Liang have a different opinion, “Because I see myself as still early on in my career, I am prioritising personal growth over salary and other benefits.”

Work-life balance

In an industry infamous for overwork, it is important for employees to have a life outside of the office. Giving them the opportunity to take some time off allows them to de-stress, and thus work more efficiently when push comes to shove. 

In need of good engineers? Here's how to convince them to work for you

The dream boss

Much like an employee’s work life, so too should a boss be flexible. Trust your employees to know their way around their work. Believing in your employee’s competence does a lot for their morale.

This is an excerpt from the article published on Tech In Asia. You can read the full article here

First Published: Mon, June 12 2017. 14:36 IST