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BJP chief calls for consolidation ahead of 2014 polls

Asserts Congress has created problems, BJP will offer solutions

Sanjay Jog  |  Mumbai 

on Thursday outlined three point agenda to consolidate its position and increase its presence across India ahead of 2014 general elections. The party president Nitin Gadkari, who is setto get second term after amendment's to the party's constitution, during his presidential speech at national executive meeting gave his three focus areas including expansion of National Democratic Alliance, increase the BJP's vote share by 10 per cent and concentrate efforts on building a base among the poor, downtrodden, tribals, dalits and minorities.

At the outset, Gadkari said was a genuine alternative that the people of India was looking for. Hwever, he mentioned that the alternative that the people were looking for his five determinants which include strong, capable and credible leadership with team spirit that puts the nationa above the party and the party above self, clear vision about the challenges and oportunities before the nation, ability to take the right decisons and implement them with the people's support, transparency and honesty in functioning and strong commitment to nationalism, good governance, development and uplift of the poor and the marginalized. Gadkari added that has created problems would offer solutions.

The chief reiterated that his party would do nothing politically to destabilize the Congress-led government at the Centre, though the party is very sanguine that it shall soon collapse on its own.


Gadkari touched upon the growing presence of regional parties and said that they also have a national perspective and the lesson of the rule has shown that a stable government was possible only if the ruling coaltion has a national and nationalist party like as its strong anchor. "Therefore, we should make them understand that a strong ld coalition, based on a common programme, is the only true alternative that can answer their growing desire for change of government in New Delhi," he noted.
Gadkari led a scathing attack against the terming it adynastic and corrupt. He mentioned that the was the chief obstacle to India's attainment of its full otential for growth and development. Therefore, he opined that it was necessary, first and foremost, to dislodge the
Gadkari alleged that the root cause of India's problems was not the Eurozone but it was zone. "The fact of the matter is that there is completeparalysis of decision making and policy formulation in the government. In the absence of strong leadership the situation has further worsened. Another indicator of the government's misrule is the unprecedented deterioration in the centre-state relations. Several non chief ministers have complained that arrogance of leadership at the Centre has reduced state governments to the level of municipalities," he said.

First Published: Thu, May 24 2012. 16:08 IST