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Cheap, effective and unobtrustive: Try nasofilter to beat air pollution

If you have been using a face mask to combat pollution and find it bothersome, try the newly launched nasofilter

Sanjay Kumar Singh  |  New Delhi 

Photo: YouTube
Photo: YouTube

If so far you have been using a mask to combat pollution, and don't quite like the fact that it covers your face entirely, affects your style quotient, and will become quite bothersome once the summers set in, you now have an option. A team comprising alumni and faculty has produced a product called the  


This is a miniature respiratory mask that has been designed and developed using nano technology. The nano fibre in this miniature mask can filter aerosols up to PM 2.5 in size and prevent them from entering your respiratory tract through the nose. PM 2.5 is the size of particulate matter capable of penetrating the farthest into your body. It enters the lungs and can then go into your bloodstream. PM 10 usually gets stuck in the nose hair. The is capable of restricting the entry of both PM 2.5 and PM 10 to a large extent. 


How does it work? It comes in a small packet with the slogan "Your right to breathe pure". It is a Band-Aid-like equipment that can be pasted at the entrance of your nasal cavity. After sticking the on, you have to peel away the peripheral parts, leaving the in place. It is available in three sizes. 

The has been developed in a way that it doesn't obstruct your breathing. When you exhale, the deposits on the get blown away automatically, keeping it clean and functional for eight hours. 


Why should you use it? Unlike a face mask, it doesn't cover your entire face. It won't cause any sweating with the onset of hot weather. Since it is small and made up of transparent material, it is also quite inconspicuous. 


How much does it cost? Each will cost Rs. 10. It is a use-and-throw product. It can't be recycled, because once you peel it away, the nanofibre gets damaged and hence loses its effectiveness. 


Who is marketing this product? It is being sold under the brand name Nasofilters by Nanoclean Global Private Limited, a company formed by the IIT innovators.

First Published: Tue, January 02 2018. 17:47 IST