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Mansplaining to Mayurasana: 8 times that Justin Trudeau broke the internet

Ahead of his visit to India, Trudeau found himself caught in a goof-up that linked him to Jennifer Aniston

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justin trudeau
Justin Trudeau performing the Mayurasana

Push politics aside. Leave economics out. Even then Justin Trudeau's India visit is expected to make big headlines. The Canadian Prime Minister is no stranger to Indians, having pulled stunts such as donning a pair of 'ducky rubber' socks at Davos or rolling down stairs. Here's a partial list of the times the Canadian premier's acts went viral on social media.

1. When Trudeau 'Mansplained'

The Canadian PM came faced Twitteratti's ire last week after correcting a speaker to refer to 'mankind' as 'peoplekind' while speaking at a charity function in Canada's Edmonton. He was accused of 'mansplaining' feminism to a woman. Later, the premier was quoted as saying, "I made a dumb joke a few days ago that seems to have gone a little viral." "It's a little reminder to me that I shouldn't be making jokes even when I think they're funny," he added. The progressive leader of a conservative party chose a Cabinet with more than half female members.

Trudeau's rubber-ducky socks take fashion diplomacy to new level at Davos

2. Rubber Ducky Socks at Davos

enlivened the dull and drab of World Economic Forum in Davos by sporting a pair of purple and yellow duck socks. He combined it with black shoes and a dark blue suit, adding a quirky twist and inspiring the coinage of the term 'fashion diplomacy'. However, it was not the first time that he donned a wacky pair of socks. He wore a pair of 'Star Wars' themed socks as he met International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Christine Lagarde in September 2017. The premier also expressed his patriotism with a unique pair of Maple Leaf socks for Day celebrations on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

justin trudeau

on Pongal. Photo: Twitter

3. Pongal attire

Tamilians in were surprised to see Trudeau turn out in a 'veshti'- their traditional attire. The premier uploaded photos of himself on Twitter and Indian tweeple, as usual, loved it. The Canadian Prime Minister was also seen donning a white Dhoti, Yellow silk shirt and an 'angavastram'. One feisty tweet quipped (@amitshah_ ) "We want leader like you in India. Our current one is dictator." The Prime Minister had shared a video to wish Tamils in and around the world a happy Pongal. In his address, Trudeau said, "Tamil Canadians make important contributions to our country and help keep open, inclusive and strong."


Quantum Physics

Trudeau was at the famed Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics when a reporter mocked him, asking if he could explain quantum computing. Not the one to back out, the premier gave an explanation that may not have been precise but was lauded by the scientific community. Scott Aaronson, a noted quantum computing expert, said: “The widespread praise for this reply surely says more about how low the usual standards for politicians are, and about Trudeau’s fine comic delivery, than about anything intrinsic to what he said.” At a time when leaders like Narendra Modi and Donald Trump make unending errors while talking science, the Canadian Prime Minister was celebrated on Twitter, Facebook for displaying a genuine understanding of one of the biggest scientific issues of the day.

5. Trudeau's party trick

The female heartthrob set heartbeats racing when he was seen falling down stairs during an interview. The 13-second clip shows the premier, dressed casually in jeans and jacket, theatrically roll down the wooden staircase head first. Later, the Canadian premier clarifies that the comedy-tumble is one of his party tricks. Twitterati immediately latched on to the clip after the clip appeared in John Oliver's Last Week Tonight. The British comedian quipped, " But you cannot deny that it is somewhat satisfying to watch a soul-patch man named Justin with a French accent fall down some stairs.”

6. Justin's break-up with Jennifer Aniston

Ahead of his visit to India, Trudeau found himself caught in a goof-up. The news about Jennifer Aniston's break-up with 'Justin' spread like a wildfire on social media, according to news agency ANI.

Turns out, Justin Theroux and Justin Trudeau's super-similar names are confusing people into thinking that called it quits with the Canadian prime minister.

While Theroux and Trudeau share lots of similarities, such as same age, belonging to famous families, French-Canadian descent, some major tattoos, and the French-speaking skills - this goof-up has come out to be interesting.

justin trudeau

boarding his flight to India with wife and kids. Photo: Twitter

Here is how Twitterati took it:

One tweet read, "Ok wait this whole time i thought was married to the prime minister of but i just realized she's married to justin theroux not justin trudeau".

Another user tweeted, "Am I the only person living under a rock who didnt know about Justin Theroux and being together and thought she was splitting from ".

One user wrote, "At a glance I thought had separated with Justin Trudeau, the Canadian PM and was extremely confused for 30 seconds".

Another wrote, "Read this as and justin trudeau, was disappointed, read it correctly, am more disappointed".

7. Mayurasana and Vrikshasana

can perform one of the toughest yoga poses- the 'peacock' pose or Mayurasana. A photo posted by yoga teacher David Gellineau went viral on social media, a year after he became Prime Minister. It is said he inherited this prowess from his father. The pose is associated with Indian folklore based on the theme of peacocks destroying snakes that represent human flaws. Trudeau and his wife also did a tree pose or the 'Vrikshasana' in 2015 at a community event.

Justin Trudeau celebrating Diwali in Ottawa. Photo: Twitter ( @Justin Trudeau)

celebrating Diwali in Ottawa. Photo: Twitter ( @Justin Trudeau)

8. Diwali Mubarak

Trudeau came under fire when he greeted Tweeple with 'Diwali Mubarak'. However, he made up for the so-called gaffe with his sartorial choice on the occassion. He turned out in a black sherwani at a cultural event organised by the Indian community in Ottawa.

First Published: Sat, February 17 2018. 18:52 IST