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Meet Rahul Doshi, the 12-yr-old genius whose IQ is higher than Hawkings and Einstein

Rahul Doshi was competing against 19 other contestants in the show

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Genius Rahul Doshi IQ is higher than Hawkings and Einstein
Rahul Doshi is a genius with an IQ of 162, which is higher than both Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. (Photo courtesy: Twitter/AIR)

Rahul Doshi, a 12-year-old has been crowned the brightest child in Britain after he won Channel 4’s Child Genius competition, which tests 20 youngsters aged eight to 12 on their spelling, maths, memory and knowledge of science and history.

The schoolboy from north London clinched the title by answering a question on 19th Century artists William Holman Hunt and John Everett Millais. "It didn't sink in straight away, but it was really nice," Rahul said after winning the title. 

"I was bursting with pride," said his father Minesh.

Who is

is a genius with an IQ of 162, which is higher than both Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. His home is in North London. At six, Rahul was enrolled in a Kumon study class for extra maths and English. By age 10, Rahul was working on GCSE maths questions. Rahul easily passed the 11-plus to get into grammar school.

According to The Guardian, Rahul is about to enter Year 8 at Queen Elizabeth’s School, Barnet this year.

He is a voracious reader – favourite books included The Secret Garden and all the Harry Potter series. He has also reached Grade Five in piano and enjoys public speaking, chess and table tennis.

Rahul entered into the competition thanks to his professional snooker player father Minesh, who had also challenged him to take a Mensa test. Rahul’s score of 162 is the highest possible, achieved by only one per cent who take the test. Rahul is a member of the Mensa club.

Rahul Doshi's ambition

The Child Genious'ambition is to become a financial adviser.

Rahul - a favourite in Child Genius competition

Rahul had captured the imagination of audience during the competition after he correctly memorised the order of a pack of cards.

In the final, Rahul impressed them with his knowledge of the chosen subject- Edward Jenner's medical innovation and methodology in 18th Century England.

According to PTI, Rahul revealed his strategy for the final as: "The key is to block out everything else and remain calm. So just focus on your goal. Mine was to answer as many questions as I could correctly and that helped me stay calm and do quite well in the early stages."

Hosted by Richard Osman, Channel 4’s Child Genius is competition in which twenty contestants aged eight to 12 were whittled down until only the smartest remain over the course of a week.

The final round of 2017's series followed an intense competition, which saw the candidates showing off their maths, English, spelling and history skills as well as memory powers.

First Published: Mon, August 21 2017. 10:20 IST