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Schedule deliveries, fetch help: Chatbots are solving real-life problems

Line Messaging API allow developers to develop chatbots for messaging service, reports Tech in Asia

Nicolette Tan | Tech in Asia 

Chatbots  Photo: Shutterstock
Chatbots Photo: Shutterstock

The Line Messaging API has been public since September 2016, allowing developers to develop chatbots for the messaging service. 

Here are six notable prize winners:

1. Shakure shares files so you don’t have to

Shakure enables event organizers and attendees to share photos and presentation materials over Line. No more endless post-event emails asking for photos and files.

2. Mitchy promotes class participation

Learning in the Japanese is traditionally passive, but Mitchy aims to encourage active learning. This chatbot lets students create group chats and exchange messages anonymously during class. 

3.  Yamato Transport goes the extra mile

Yamato Transport is Japan’s largest door-to-door delivery service company. Yamato created a Line bot that allows users to connect their Yamato ID with their Line account and have greater control over their package delivery. Users can get a chatbot to change their preferred delivery date, receive attempted delivery notices, and order shipping labels.

4. NgampusBareng localizes the shared economy

Forget school buses. NgampusBareng is a service for Indonesian students to hitch a ride to school or back home on a motorcycle. The chatbot connects students with available drivers. Drivers who give students a ride get points that can be exchanged for coupons and other benefits.

5. And Hand gives a helping hand

With And Hand, people with disabilities can send a signal using the Line Beacon to request assistance, and any caregivers in the vicinity who have signed up with And Hand can accept the request.

6. Yukiyama, “snowy mountain” in Japanese, will find your friends

If you’ve been to a ski resort with your friends, chances are you’ve lost them after an hour on the snowy mountain.

By adding the Yukiyama bot to a group chat, every group member’s location will be shared automatically via Line Beacon installed at chairlift stations, cafes, slopes, and anywhere else at a ski resort.

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First Published: Mon, June 19 2017. 10:00 IST