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Soon, you could be penalised for switching lanes frequently while driving

Every year 5 lakh road accidents are reported in India

BS Web Team 

A huge traffic jam at ring road towards ISBT after lash of heavy rain in New Delhi
A huge traffic in New Delhi

The government of India's new plan will give tough time to who shift lanes frequently while driving. Lane-hoggers will be awarded a hefty penalty and punitive punishment for the traffic violations. 

The government's motive is to improve the poor traffic behaviour among Indian According to a Deccan Herald report, "The government is serious about accepting its think tank Niti Aayog’s suggestion on adoption of ‘intelligent traffic management system’ under which a driver’s behaviour on the wheels will be closely monitored, especially and clogging up roads".

Last year, the government had approved several changes in the Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill, 2016. The amendment increased the penalties by manifold for traffic offences and also increased the benefits for the accident victims.

The change will also check if hefty fines -for traffic violations- can bring about behavioural change among  

“If such a change is possible, it could greatly reduce both the travel time and pollution. Additionally, incentives may be created to encourage vehicle-sharing systems such as Ola and Uber. This will reduce the number of vehicles on the road reducing both congestion and pollution,” said in the Action Agenda document.

The emphasised on the need of special attention for smooth traffic flow in Indian cities. Aayog added, "Unlike western cities, motorised vehicles in change lanes with high frequency and in unpredictable ways. This creates unnecessary traffic jams and delays."

Every year 5 lakh are reported in in which 1.5 lakh people lose their lives.

First Published: Mon, August 28 2017. 15:26 IST