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SWOT analysis of Karnataka Verdict

It's high time for the BJP to get its house in order

Aditi Phadnis  |  New Delhi 

CONGRESS STRENGTH With more than 113 seats, has crossed the simple majority mark, which means a stable five-year term for a state that has seen a lot of political turmoil WEAKNESS Could have done better but didn’t because of factional fighting. Many of its own members are charged with precisely the same things that the ministers are charged with: corruption, encroachment of government land, rape and embezzlement. OPPORTUNITY Has the chance to rebuild the state and make good the promises made to North Karnataka. THREAT The may have lost the election – but it is very much around along with the Karnataka Janata Paksha and all those Sri Rama Sene sympthisers who are lurking in the woodwork. It will now be the Congress’s responsibility to sort them out. BHARATIYA JANATA PARTY STRENGTH Although it has lost a stupendous 71 seats in the assembly, slipping to third place in the assembly with just 39 seats now, it still has a dedicated cadre and sympathisers. All said and done, even Yeddyurappa’s Karnataka Janata Pakshe is ultimately a part of the family. The may be down but it is not out. WEAKNESS There are caste-based factions in the BJP, leader-based factions and even region-based factions. And there is no one unquestioned leader of the party who can rise above these factions and restore order in the party. OPPORTUNITY This is the time for the party to get its house in order and rethink its priorities THREAT Who will be bigger: BS Yeddyurappa ? or the ? and whose bidding will freelance Hindu organisations listen to ? Will they begin acting on their own now? If so what does this mean for relations between communities in Karnataka ? JANATA DAL SECULAR STRENGTH The party had just 26 MLAs in the last assembly and has more than 40 in this assembly.

So clearly there is a dedicated farmer base the party has. HD Kumaraswamy, its leader, has said he will resign from his Lok Sabha seat and return to the state to concentrate on the assembly and on building his party. Watch this party. WEAKNESS Kumaraswamy works hard and is popular. But he has been out of power for some time now. Will his MLAs stick to him? Will he propel himself and his party in the position of principal opposition ? Because the at the centre gave letters to the President of India, supporting the UPA to keep communal forces out. Theoretically it is still an ally of the UPA. OPPORTUNITY This is a big shot in the arm for Kumaraswamy, provided he can straighten up his act and get the party organisation up and running.

First Published: Wed, May 08 2013. 16:22 IST