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This developer's 5-month guide to learn code and get hired is all you need

You are going to become a Javascript ninja

Andrei Neagoie | Tech in Asia 

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

What language are we going to learn?

You are going to become a ninja for the following reasons:

It is everywhere. Every company that has a website needs someone with knowledge.

With the introduction of Node.js, you can use to create a full-stack app (in simple English, you can use to build your entire project).

5 months, step-by-step

First month: The big picture

Here’s the big question to answer: How do computers, the internet, and websites work?

Second month: Javascript

Here’s the big question to answer: How does make life better?

This is where most of your focus will be in the later months. What problem does solve?

Third month: + Jquery + building your website

Here’s the big question to answer: Can I build a professional looking website and understand the entire process?

Fourth month: Servers, databases, and connecting the dots

Here’s the big question to answer: Where do servers, databases, and Raspberry Pis fit into all of this?

Last month: React.js or Angular 2

Here’s the big question to answer: What problem does React or Angular solve?

Biggest takeaway

Technology is always changing. This is especially true with

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Things are moving so fast that it is impossible to know every single library, quirk, or framework. What you do need to know is how everything fits together and what each technology is trying to solve. Most importantly, you just need to know it exists so you can look into it and figure it out when the time comes.

Programmers are problem solvers. Learn to solve problems with the tools available to you.
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First Published: Fri, July 07 2017. 13:05 IST