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When Donald Trump pushed aside Montenegro PM, reminded us of Narendra Modi

Trump's NATO summit move is reminiscent of Modi pulling aside Facebook CEO in 2015 to get the camera

BS Web Team  |  New Delhi 

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File photo of US President Donald Trump. Photo: Reuters

US President does not like to stand at the back of a line, and he definitely will not have someone else steal his thunder at a photo session. According to the New York Times, video footage of world leaders getting ready for a group photo during a NATO summit in Brussels on Thursday shows Trump push aside Montenegrin Prime Minister to make his way to the front. 

A lot has been made of the similarities anddissimilarities between Prime Minister and Trump. However, this particular episode reminded many in India of an incident from September 2015, social media had gone abuzz with a video footage of PM Modi pulling Facebook founder aside because the latter was blocking the frame. 

CNBC staffer Steve Kopack tweeted out footage showing the Trump incident.

On the issue, the Associated Press quoted Montenegro newspaper Vijesti saying: "It seems did not want that anyone overshadows his presence at the summit." The global news agency added that other Balkan websites ran headlines such as “America First” and “Where do you think you are going?”

According to the AP report, Markovic "shrugged off the slight". Speaking to reporters, the head of state said, “It didn’t really register. I just saw reactions about it on social networks. It is simply a harmless situation.”

"It is natural that the president of the United States is in the front row,” Markovic added, according to AP. 

However, J K Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, was not amused by Trump's gesture at the summit. She tweeted, "You tiny, tiny, tiny little man."

Of course, Trump was not the only one maneuvering at the meeting. According to a video footage on Twitter, newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron swerved at the last moment to bypass Trump and head towards German Chancellor Angela Merkel.