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India threatens to snap business, transport links with Pakistan

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India may break off business, transport and tourist links with Pakistan if it fails to help in investigating the Mumbai attacks, Home Minister P Chidambaram has warned, pressing Islamabad to “cooperate soon”. “There are many, many links between India and Pakistan, and if Pakistan does not cooperate and does not help to bring the perpetrators to heel, those ties will become weaker and weaker and one day snap,” Chidambaram told The Times daily. “Why would we entertain Pakistani business people? Why would we entertain tourists in India? Why would we send tourists there?”

Chidambaram refused to discuss when such measures might be introduced, but said: “We need cooperation soon.” Accusing Islamabad of doing nothing, Chidambaram said Islamabad has provided “nothing” so far after New Delhi handed over a dossier of evidence linking elements within that country to the Mumbai terror attacks of November 26-29.

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