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IBPS Application Process: General Queries And Technical Issues

Candidates need to go through application processes which includes filling of personal and professional details, payment of fees, confirmation of receipt, download of Admit Card for exams ans so on.

Sagar Mavani 

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The (IBPS) conducts national recruitment exams of various PSU Banks, RRB, RBI, NABARD, SBI, Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) & General Insurance Companies (GICs). Registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 and also a Public Trust under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950, the Institute helps organisations in the areas of personnel such as recruitment, selection, placement, by designing, and developing suitable measurement tests/tools, assessment of answer responses and processing results of examinations, and conducts such examination related services, on request.

It undertakes various recruitment programs for vacancies in public sector banks every year. The recruitment takes place at three levels—Preliminary exam, Main exams and Interviews. Candidates need to go through application processes which includes filling of personal and professional details, payment of fees, confirmation of receipt, download of Admit Card (Admit Certificate) for exams and so on.

Thousands of candidates apply online for the exams. As a result, there pop up many technical issues pertaining to the site. Following are the general issues experienced during the application process and the solutions for the same.

If there is delay in the loading of site page or How To Apply page: Keep in mind that the speed for Registration of On-Line Application on Internet is based on various factors such as Internet Speed, large number of applicants trying to register the application at the same time and the like. Consequently if you are unable to see the pages for registration load immediately, kindly make an attempt again after a gap of 15 minutes or during off-peak hours during the night.

How to get confirmation of successful registration? Successful Registration is specified by the Page displayed after clicking the Submit Button. It shows the generated "Registration Number” and "Password". Candidate must note these down carefully for future reference. If the candidate does not keep it or preserve it he or she will not be able to Re-Print the Application and download the Call Letter.

What if the email for successful registration is not communicated?
"Registration Number" and "Password" are also sent by auto-response Confirmation emails. Delivery of these emails purely depends upon the right email ID the candidate provides, also the policy of your Email Service Provider to accept and divert such emails under Bulk or Spam Mails or bounce back such mails without accepting it due to heavy number of emails generated by our Applications. In case of Govt. /official /company Email IDs, delivery is controlled by your Company Policies. Therefore, please do not expect replies from the officials in case of no-receipt of such confirmation / auto-response Emails.

How to know that application is saved?
If the applicant or candidate has a doubt about the successful Registration, they are advised to visit the Page for Re-Print of Application, take out the Printout and preserve the soft copy and hard copy (printout) of the Application.

What if the candidate gets Blank / Zero Registration No. after submission of application on-line?
In rare cases applicants gets Zero (0) Registration No. with valid Password. In such case, they are advised to Re-Register the Application and check the Printout through Re-Print Application.

What if Internet gets disconnected, PC shuts down or hangs, blank screen appears during the application process?
In such, candidates are asked to re-apply by visiting the Page for Re-Print of Application. Then they should take out the Printout and preserve the soft copy and hard copy (printout) of the Application.

What if there is no the acknowledgement / reply to email communication?
Keep in mind that "Reply to" Email ID for the Application is created for the convenience of the candidates if they have genuine communications. Never ever use this address to send back the emails for "Acknowledgment", "Vacation Mail", "Friendship Offers", "Sales Offers" etc. the Email Server is configured to delete such emails automatically. In case a candidate does need to communicate, he or she must have the text containing "REGISTRATION NO." and "PASSWORD" details on the email.

What are the details to be furnished while writing for the problem?
While writing to the officials for the genuine problem, a candidate must provide REGISTRATION NO., MOBILE NO., DATE OF BIRTH and FULL NAME as entered in application. In case of application failure or any error message, take the screenshot of the error in JPG, GIF format or as MS Word file and send it to the officials. Additionally, the applicant may provide the PC Details including the Operating System (like Windows XP, Vista, Linux etc.) & Internet Browser & version (like Internet Explorer 6.0, Mozilla 3.0, Firefox 3.5 etc.) used.

What if the candidate needs to change / correct the details entered in the Application?
Candidate must note that prior to submission of the online application, they can choose the 'EDIT' option to correct the details. Please remember to take fresh print out after modifying any details. Candidate should note that the data entered in Basic Info cannot be modified.

In case a candidate faces any difficulty in online registration or if they haven't received auto response mail within 24 hours, they must inform the Institute by clicking on the link giving following specific details to enable them to provide quick resolution of the error encountered –
< >Registration Number
Name of the Bank
Name of the Post applied for
Your Email Id
Your contact telephone number (preferably your Mobile no )
Your Operating System Windows XP SP2 or Linux ( with Version number)
Browser with its version number
Whether java script is enabled
Copy of Exact Text of error message you encounter.
Please make one more attempt from any other PC with either Internet Explorer (9 or above), Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or above, Google chrome 3.0 or above or with java script enabled before filing the report with our help desk. (Source: IBPS)

First Published: Mon, September 18 2017. 15:49 IST