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HIGHLIGHTS: Business Standard Banking Round Table 2012

Read what some of India's leading bankers are saying about the sector

BS Reporter  |  Mumbai 

Six of the country's leading bankers -- Pratip Chaudhuri, Chairman, State Bank of India, Chanda Kochhar, MD & CEO, ICICI Bank, Aditya Puri, MD, HDFC Bank, Pramit Jhaveri, CEO, Citibank India, Gunit Chadha, Co-CEO, Asia-Pacific, Deutsche Bank and Debarata Sarkar, CMD, Union Bank of India -- discuss the future of the sector at the


Manufacturing capex will improve in 2013, says Gunit Chadha

PSUs, like Coal India, are sitting on tons of cash, which is just not right: Chaudhuri

Freeing of interest rates has led to other free services: Chaudhuri

Banking is not a social industry: Pramit Jhaveri

Customer complaints have reduced a lot lately, says UBI's Debabrata Sarkar

Cost of deposits have increased and yields have come down: Sarkar, Union Bank of India

Our NIM and cost to revenue is one of the lowest in the world: HDFC's Puri

The level of Indian banking is at a much higher risk: Aditya Puri

The level of Indian banking in the world is at the most reasonable rate: Puri

In terms of range, banks' customer service standards have improved a lot: Chaudhuri

We should have proper communication with the agencies to tell them the right picture: Kochhar

FDI investments move on a long-term basis rather than on basis of credit downgrade: Kochhar

A possible credit downgrade would not be an earth-shattering issue: Kochhar

Markets don't believe the rating agencies: Aditya Puri, HDFC Bank

A rating downgrade will not be end of the world, says Chaudhuri

A downgrade will be loss of prestige rather than loss of capital: Pratip Chaudhuri

There is significant capital that is waiting to pursue growth: SBI's Chaudhuri

Downgrade will affect capital but FDI capital will not be affected: Jhaveri

Let's not underestimate the impact of a rating downgrade on India: Chadha

The probability of a rating downgrade is low: Chadha

We expect net accruals of Rs 50,000 crore, says SBI's Chaudhuri

New banking licences means there will be a change in market share for private banks: Puri, HDFC Bank

In the longer run, more competition has been beneficial for the customers: Kochhar

There is a lot of business for everybody, says Kochhar

Very close monitoring will be needed for corporate banking licences, says Chaudhuri

The successful private are promoted by financial houses instead of unrelated sources: SBI

In US, UK, Germany are not owned by industrial houses: Pratip Chaudhuri, SBI

Public need to reposition themselves in the wake of new banking licences: Chaudhuri

All foreign together have 400 branches in India, says Jhaveri

The size of the banking system with respect to the GDP suggests it needs to be larger: Jhaveri

The size of foreign in India is only 6%: Chadha, Co-CEO, Asia-Pacific Deutsche Bank

The Banking and Insurance Bills will be very positive for the banking system: Chadha

Whenever the demand is there, nearly every bank will reach there: Sarkar

Large portion of growth is coming from mobile banking: Puri

HDFC is taking banking to the unbanked: Puri, HDFC Bank

J&K, Uttarakhand, western parts of Orissa have been SBI's profitable sources of income: Chaudhuri

There are 100,000 bank branches for 600,000 Indian villages: Chaudhuri

Basel 3 need to have an impact on SME funding as most are unrated: Chadha

If global are withdrawing from asset funding, it's a huge opportunity for Indian banks: Chadha

There is a huge competitive advantage for Indian banks: Chadha, Deutsche Bank

In 2014 none of the European countries will be in recession: Chadha

There have to be deepening and widening sources of income like insurance, pension, ECB: Kochhar

There has to be other sources of funding in the economy other than banks: Kochhar

play a much larger in India than in any other economy: Kochhar

Lot of exposure is going unhedged, says Kochhar

Today there is more liquidity in dollars: Kochhar, ICICI Bank

RBI has fought a long and bruising battle against inflation: Jhaveri, Citibank India

Slowdown in credit offtake is what we should be focusing on: Jhaveri

Come first quarter of the new year RBI should go in for interest rate cut: Chadha

Lukewarm demand as rupee loan is substituted by dollar loans: Chaudhuri

SBI is sitting on Rs 50-55k crore of extra deposits: Chaudhuri

We don't want to be like European financial institutions: Puri

Why are deposits not growing? Because money supple is not growing: Puri

Rural banking need to be looked into as lot of transactions are still taking place there: Sarkar

High cost deposits going down: Sarkar

Customers looking at gold and real estate, which is affecting deposits: Sarkar

Casa is coming down and blended cost is not coming down: Kochhar

Sharpest cut in wholesale deposit rates, which have fallen by 1.5%: Kochhar

A CRR cut would have improved the sentiment: Chaudhuri

This is the best opportunity for the banking sector globally: Aditya Puri, MD, HDFC Bank

need to position more on the retail side, says Pratip Chaudhuri, chairman, SBI

Banking industry in the last three decades has grown ten times every ten years: Kochhar

Economy needs to move at much higher levels, says Kochhar, MD&CEO, ICICI Bank

There've been broad policy reforms but ground-level decision making need to move too: Chanda Kochhar

Global FDI more bullish on India than Indian entrepreneurs: Chadha

Very optomistic on global economy and mildly optimistic on India: Gunit Chadha, Deutsche Bank

Rising NPAs continue to be a challenge and worst is not yet over: Sarkar

Investors expect further softening: Sarkar

Sentiment has improved over the last 30 years of banking: Debabrata Sarkar, CMD, Union Bank of India

Investment cycle needs to start moving, says Citibank India CEO Pramit Jhaveri

Government's moves after the new minister took over were extremely decisive: Pramit Jhaveri

First Published: Tue, December 18 2012. 12:38 IST