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Causes and Effects of Sleep Deprivation

A good night's sleep is utmost essential for overall good health.

Anurag Khare 


A good night’s sleep is utmost essential for overall It is the time when the body rests, rejuvenates and recovers. An adult requires 7 to 8 hours of peaceful and quality sleep per day.can be defined as inability to complete the sufficient sleep-time required by the person.Many a time deprivation of sleep can be self-induced such as it can be due to long working hours, nightshifts, travel during night time, inability to sleep due to disturbances such as sound and light and much more. Other times can be due some medical condition or sleep disorder and other reasons such as stress, hormonal changes and more.


Research has shown that even one night of is equivalent to being intoxicated. Intentional is mostly seen in young people and teenagers who prefer entertainment over sleep. Many workaholics also consider sleeping as a waste of precious time which is not true. Many a time because of work commitments such as working in night shifts or long hours may also interfere with quality sleep that an individual requires. Medical issues such as chronic illnesses, and sleep disorders such as obstructive can also be the reason for

Signs and Symptoms of Sleep Deprivation

The most common sign and symptom of the fact that one is sleep deprived is fatigue, lethargy and feeling sleepy throughout the day. Other symptoms include mood disorders; may lead to increasing irritability, desire to stay alone, rapid mood swings and more. Lack of sleep will also cause psychomotor instability meaning the person will find it difficult to focus and stand still at a place. will also cause issues with sight and hearing. An affected person may experience burning sensation in eyes, tingling and redness of eyes, light flashes and even hallucinations. He or she may also find it difficult to gauge distance at which a sound is originating. Other signs and include tingling sensations on the body, disorganization of thought and much more.

Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Negative are many. It affects both physical and mental of a person negatively.The most common effect of is drowsiness, tiredness, mood swings, irritability and reduced alertness. Although scientific knowledge of the physiological is relatively recent but researchers now believe that can lead to disorders such as Both short term and chronic long term can be very dangerous for the as it has a direct impact on functioning of both heart and brain of an individual. During sleep, regeneration of neurons happens in the cerebral cortex. Thus in a sleep deprived individual the brain fails to function optimally.


The most simplest and easy way to treat is sleep more. Be it acute or chronic condition, a quality good night’s sleep will help an individual bounce back effectively. Fighting stress, eating a healthy and a balanced diet, avoiding alcohol are some other dos for a good night’s sleep. Certain medications can also interfere with one’s sleep thus consult your medical professional about the same. Exercising or indulging in an activity such as jogging, walk or swimming can also help one sleep better. Avoid usage of electronic gadgets before bedtime as they can interfere with one’ sleep. Spending time in natural sunlight, Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises can also help one sleep better at night. Treating underlying medical cause if any will also help one sleep better and avoid

First Published: Mon, November 27 2017. 10:03 IST