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Causes and Treatment for Nausea during Pregnancy

These feeling of nausea and vomiting are more prominent in the mornings and in the presence of certain odors or during certain movements.

Anurag Khare 

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In the first 3 months of pregnancy, and are quite common in women due to These feeling of and are more prominent in the mornings and in the presence of certain odors or during certain movements. In pregnant women even odors which are considered pleasant otherwise such as that of cooking or perfume can trigger and are regarded as friendly signs of pregnancy and in fact are signs that pregnancy is progressing normally. One study has even concluded that miscarriages are rarer in women with Even outside pregnancy women are more susceptible to because of their complex hormonal makeup.

About during Pregnancy
and affects more than half of pregnant women during their first weeks of pregnancy. Although inconvenient and uncomfortable, during pregnancy is a normal phenomenon. Also these sensations usually disappear after the first three months of pregnancy. Some researchers even believe that during pregnancy is the body's way of conveying which food items to avoid during pregnancy. Although most women are willing to suffer yet tolerate these disorders but the psychological aspect and personality of each individual perform a vital role. The tolerance threshold is specific to each individual and if it's getting difficult to accommodate the symptoms one may consult a doctor.

Causes of Nausea
Although the exact cause of has not yet been clearly established, two main factors are thought to contribute to this: and (hCG), the hormones of pregnancy. The body begins to secrete them when the embryo implants itself in the uterus, triggering a series of mechanisms that lead to this nauseating sensation and sometimes The common factor between pregnancy, and various odors is estrogen, the female sex hormone. These hormones increase as soon as the woman is pregnant and are essential for maintaining the pregnancy. Many a time one of the side effects of oral contraceptives is also as they too contain

Cures for Nausea
There are few natural tips that one can follow to avoid or at least minimize the intensity of during pregnancy. Firstly avoid stress, stress in both bad for the baby and for the symptoms of The higher the stress the severe the would be. Avoid having an for too long, it’s best to consume small, divided meals. Eat a real breakfast every morning and include healthy snacks in your daily routine. Avoid smoke and smoky places. Not only can the cigarette smoke make one feel nauseated, but it is also very harmful for the future baby. Few other tips include between meals rather than during meals. Spend some time outdoors to take fresh air in regularly. without taking too much strain can also help fight during pregnancy. and especially Avoid strong odors, one may even choose cold foods that are less odorous. If the condition is really severe and is affecting quality of life adversely one may even consult a medical practioner and he will most probably prescribe vitamins for relief.

First Published: Tue, December 19 2017. 23:14 IST