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Common Causes and Cures for Lethargy

Lethargy is often defined as uncharacteristic tiredness, lack of energy and enthusiasm.

Anurag Khare 


is often defined as uncharacteristic tiredness, lack of energy and People suffer from from time to time due to hectic lifestyle, also physical and mental reasons. Fighting and re-energizing oneself is a must for living the life to the fullest. Abundance of energy is also an undeniable sign of overall good Feeling drained out of energy from time to time especially after rigorous physical or mental work in normal. But feeling drained out all the time and feeling the need to recharge your batteries every other is not normal.

Causes and Symptoms

can be the way of your body telling you that all is not well with it. may be just because of the fact that you have been working too hard lately or there can be an underlying physical or mental reason. and low energy-levels are the most common symptoms of Other than these other symptoms include decreased alertness, frequent mood swings, sluggishness and hampered ability to think. Poor overall and is the most common cause of an individual being lethargic. Other common reasons include hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, kidney issues, dehydration, carbon monoxide poisoning, pituitary diseases, sleep apnea, meningitis, and other physical ailments. Depression and premenstrual syndrome (PMS) may also be the reason for

Diagnosis and Treatment

As stated earlier, can be due to some underlying medical conditions. In such cases it is important to diagnose and treat the underlying conditions. diagnosis is mostly done by identifying the underlying cause. For example if the doctor suspects a thyroid issue he will prescribe tests for the same. Serious requires immediate medical attention especially if it’s accompanied by severe headache, vomiting, fast heartbeat, chest pain, unresponsiveness, difficulty sleeping, irritability and sadness, eye irritation and unexplained weight gain or loss. In such cases doctor will prescribe appropriate medication, in other less severe cases improved diet, ample water intake, handling stress and having plenty of sleep will be recommended.

Top Tips to Fight Lethargy

Eating healthy – Eating is from where we derive our energy from and thus it is the primary factor that affects a person’s energy levels. Make it a point to eat healthy fiber rich diet and avoid sugar, junk food and heavy carbs in your diet add fresh fruits and vegetables instead.

Good night’s sleep – A good night’s sound sleep is very essential for energizing your body, the human body requires 7-8 hours of sound sleep.

Cutting down on caffeine and more – Over indulgence in coffee, tea, alcohol or smoking might be reason why you feel dehydrated and de-energized all the time, cut down on them on better still try and quit

Exercise regularly – Any form of exercise or even any amount of physical exercise will go a long way and help you energize yourself, if one can hit the gym it’s great, alternatively one can take up jogging, swimming or cycling as an alternative

Drinking water – can be the reason because of which one may feel de-energized hence it is essential to drink ample amount of water throughout the day.

Early to bed and early to rise – Following a daily schedule where in a person sleeps early and wakes up early in the morning helps reenergize one’s body

Spend time amidst nature – Spending some time in the early morning sun or amidst nature in a pollution less environment will also help energize your body naturally. 


First Published: Tue, November 14 2017. 10:45 IST