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Human Digestive System - Functions and Care

Digestive system of the human body affects the overall health of the individual probably like no other system in the body does.

Anurag Khare 

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Digestive system of the human body affects the overall of the individual probably like no other system in the body does. A not so robust digestive system means bowel related issues, frequent and inability to absorb precious nutrients which then leads to poor and poor quality of life. The plays one of the most important functions in the human body. The digestive system or the digestive tract consists of many parts starting from the mouth, then stomach, esophagus, (colon), small intestine, rectum, the mucosa membrane and then the anus. The liver and the pancreas, also part of the digestive system secrete digestive fluids which are used by intestine to digest food; the digestive fluid secreted by liver is stored in the Few other organs also play a passive role in the digestion of food.

How the Works?

Food which an individual eats is mixed with digestive fluids and is broken down in to more complex molecules of necessary nutrients. The nutrients are then absorbed by the blood and are carried to various organs to provide them with energy. The digestive process we can say starts with the chewing of the food and continues till the The digestive process uses that following organs in the human body Teeth, Tongue, Pharynx, Esophagus, Stomach, Pancreas, Duodenum, Small Intestine, Descending Colon, Sigmoid, Anus, Rectum, Appendix, Cecum, Ascending Colon, Transverse Colon, Gallbladder and Liver. Most problems related to the digestive system are because of poor diet, medications, and

Keeping the Digestive System Healthy

Common ailments and problems of the digestive system include chronic constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, gallstones, acid reflux and hemorrhoids. So, how can one ensure a healthy digestive system? The primary way is to avoid excessive intake of meat, sugar, and other artificial food items. Eating too often of such food items puts immense amount of on the digestive system. Other than this try and include fibre and nutrient rich food products such as fresh leafy green vegetables and fruits in your diet. Another tip for a healthy digestive system is don’t eat too much food too fast, this will overwork your digestive system and put it under stress, your digestive system needs rest too.

Tips to Care for your Digestive System

Other than eating enough fibre and avoiding what are some simple tips to keep one’s digestive system healthy. Firstly stay hydrated, drink ample amount of water, this will not only help all the organs of the digestive system to and work optimally buy also help dissolve fiber and fats and help things move in the system smoothly. Periodic detoxification of one’s digestive system by avoiding and including certain type of food items in one’s diet will also help one’s digestive system rest, refresh and reset. Exercising regularly will also help keep the digestive system’s both directly and indirectly. It will help maintain the right weight and also help the overall process of digestion. Having a fixed schedule for eating will also help the digestive system function better. Eating small meals frequently is healthier than eating large quantity of food twice a day. One can also take probiotics supplements or food items that are rich in probiotics such as yogurt for a healthier digestive system.

First Published: Fri, November 17 2017. 09:45 IST