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Keeping Energy Levels High during the winters

Winter brings with it many viruses and changes that may bring the body under strain. This may then lead to lack of energy and motivation and even exhaustion.

Anurag Khare 

People commute in thick fog in New Delhi on  Sunday morning. Photo: PTI
People commute in thick fog in New Delhi. Photo: PTI

Winter brings with it many and changes that may bring the body under This may then lead to lack of energy and motivation and even This can be compounded by other secondary factors such as bad diet, lack of sleep, nutritional deficiencies, and other There are many natural methods of preventing and fighting fatigue and which can be handful especially in winters.

Causes of Fatigue
The best way to treat fatigue is to prevent it and for the said purpose it is important to know the usual causes. The most usual culprits are:

- An unbalanced and poor diet can cause deficiencies. This lack of vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals and proteins can cause a feeling of fatigue. Food is the fuel for our body; remember to have a hearty breakfast to get you off to a good start and try to have a varied and a balanced diet. Another major reason for fatigue that is related with poor diet is iron deficiency which can also cause anaemia. In anaemia due to lack of iron there is a reduction in the number of red blood cells in the blood. The body is less oxygenated and thus the same results in fatigue.

- The amount of sleep required by an individual vary according to the age and many other factors. The ideal duration for a good night’s sleep thus differs on a case by case basis. Researchers have concluded that depending upon an individual 6-9 hours of sleep is required every night for good overall Both quality and quantity of sleep is required to prevent fatigue on the next day.

- such as heart and breathing related issues, disturbance of the thyroid and diabetes can also cause chronic fatigue. Even psychiatric disorders such as depression can be the reason behind fatigue.

- Sedentary and confined life which one is forced to live mostly in winters is also a major reason behind fatigue.

Natural Ways to Treat Fatigue in winters

Before jumping to vitamin cocktails and other supplements and stimulants to fight fatigue one can try to simply rest and make appropriate lifestyle changes. One can also use the below methods to fight fatigue naturally.

- Eat a healthy and a balanced diet. The diet must cover all the daily needs of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Thus include ample amount to nutrients and iron through and fruits, beans, lentils, fish and legumes in your diet. A poor diet will cause deficiencies which is the best friend of fatigue. Also it is recommended that in the evening one should eat light as an excessively heavy evening meal may affect the quality of your sleep and a good restful sleep remains your best ally to avoid fatigue.

- Not too much, not too little and especially regularly. Calculate your night sleep hours as per your own needs. Some people need 6 hours of sleep to be in good shape, while others may require 8 to 10 hours. Also there is nothing worse than going to bed at irregular times. This plays havoc with our biological clock causing inevitable fatigue.

- is also a natural way of fighting fatigue but it’s a double-edged sword. The fatigue fighting property of is well known but too much of the same and especially in the evenings can cause problems in sleeping and thus although the same may provide temporary and instant relief but in the long run it may be counterproductive.

- is considered as a star when it comes to fighting fatigue. is found naturally in citrus and there are also many supplements available in the market which may be used.

- Fatigue is also often linked to a life that is too sedentary and confined. Thus go out on walks, exercise regularly and take up a physical sport to fight fatigue. Also maintain regular schedules, organize yourself and take appropriate time-outs for

First Published: Tue, January 02 2018. 16:50 IST