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Mood Swings and Other Mood Disorders

Many a time mood swings are termed as bipolar disorder or manic depression as mood swings may be one of the symptoms of these and many different mental disorders.

Anurag Khare 

Mood Swings, Mood Disorders
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Intense and rapid changes in one’s mood can be described as Experiencing an emotional rollercoaster ride within a matter of hours can also be termed as a mood disorder. Although probably everybody go through mild especially during stressful periods but severe cases require immediate medical attention. Many a time are termed as or manic as may be one of the symptoms of these and many different mental disorders. have a very common occurrence but the severity of the same varies. Physiological problems such as depression, dysthymia, and more are also classified as Children, teen, adults and just about anybody may get affected by the problem, although women tend to be affected more by than men. This is probably due to complex hormonal makeup and changes that women experience often. Individuals with a history of in the family are more at risk.

What Causes

There is no one particular reason that causes Reasons can vary from to drug abuse to unhealthy diet. But the most common causes of frequent are:
Stressis one of the most common reasons. Individual who suffer from long term chronic in day to day life are highly susceptible to

Drugs and Alcohol abuse – Any substance abuse that alter the chemistry of the brain may also lead to and swings.

and Bipolar disorder – Psychological disorders such as and are also reasons why an individual may experience extreme

Chemicals in the Brain – Changes in secretion of various may also lead to mood changes. Disproportion of neurotransmitters in the brain such as serotonin can lead to stress, anxiety, and and disorders.

Poor Diet and Health – Poor diet such as excessive intake of sugar and overall poor physical and mental can also be the reason for frequent

Symptoms of Mood Swings

The most common symptom of is emotional distress. As many a times are accompanied by chronic long term thus the condition becomes more so frustrating. Individual will experience low self-confidence, self-esteem and feeling of hopelessness. Drastic changes in appetite, weight and sleeping patterns may also be due to some mood disorder. Suicidal thought, being withdrawn and trouble focusing or concentrating are other symptoms of Bout of empty mood on one hand and racing thoughts on the other may also occur in individuals affected by Irritability and aggression are also symptoms and signs of Physical symptoms of mood swing and other disorders include headaches, stomach and digestive issues and chronic tiredness.

Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Mood Disorders

can be diagnosed by a mental professional by studying complete medical history and conducting complete psychiatric evaluation. Treatment methods for severe and disorders include therapy and medication. Psychotherapy and other therapies such as electroconvulsive therapy and transcranial stimulation are used to control and treat the condition so that the affected individual can live a stable and productive life. Medications prescribed are mostly antidepressants and mood stabilizing medications. Although there is no certain method to prevent or cure but by certain lifestyle changes one can boost their mental and quality of life. A healthy and balanced diet, regular exercise, physical and mental activities such as jogging, swimming, walks, Yoga, meditation, taking up a sport, solving puzzles and more, avoiding alcohol and drugs can help maintain one’s mental and fight and other

First Published: Fri, November 24 2017. 15:47 IST