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Oral Healthcare Importance, Facts and Tips

Recent scientific studies have linked poor oral health to heart diseases, rheumatoid arthritis and type II Diabetes.

Anurag Khare 

is one aspect of healthcare that is often overlooked or neglected. is directly connected to overall wellbeing and quality of life especially in aging individuals. The older one gets the more significance and has in an individual’s life. Recent scientific studies have linked poor to heart diseases, rheumatoid arthritis and type II Diabetes. Accordingly to World Organization (WHO) statistics more than 60% of children and 95% of adults suffer from some or other oral or dental problems especially dental cavities. About 15-20% of middle-aged population (35-45 years) suffer from periodontal (gum) diseases that lead to tooth loss later in life.

Oral and Dental Diseases and Conditions
Most common oral problems are dental cavities, bad breadth, gum problems (Periodontal Diseases), gingivitis, oral infections, tooth loss and even oral cancer. Oral conditions such as bad breath also known as halitosis are often dismissed as real minor issues but in reality they can be associated with issue such as gum diseases, bacteria and more. Mouthwash can provide relief from morning bad breath and cover bad breath but if one’s believes that he or she is suffering from chronic bad breath then a visit to a dentist or professional is highly recommended. Another common dental problem is tooth decay or cavities. Dental decay and some other common problems such as mouth sores, gum diseases, dry mouth and other problems can be avoided by practising best practices or by visiting a dentist regularly.

Oral Healthcare Importance
is directly associated to overall of a person. Other than preserving a good set to and healthy gums in the old age, good may also mean staying healthy over the years for an individual. There are 600-650 different types of bacteria in one’s mouth that can spread throughout the body and cause damage to liver, kidney and heart too. Optimal temperatures, moisturization due to saliva and presence of decaying food particles make the mouth an ideal place for bacteria to flourish. These bacteria can cause dental decay, bleeding gums and other problems. Thus oral healthcare becomes that much more significant. Daily good practices that ensure good such as brushing, flossing, rinsing can help protect and minimize damage for oral bacteria.

Oral Healthcare Tips
Many basic oral problems such as bad breath, dental cavities, gum diseases and more can be prevented by awareness and practising simple personal best practises. When it comes to its best to start early, children and adults alike are advised to practise twice brushing of with fluoride-based toothpaste along with regular flossing. Limiting sugar intake and quitting smoking and alcohol will also help maintain one’s at optimal levels. Eating healthy and regular visit to dentists for check-ups are some other good practises which are to be used to maintain good and

Oral Healthcare Facts
Experts believe that it takes 21 days of continuous repetition of a daily task for it to become a habit. Thus incorporating good dental hygiene practises such as daily twice brushing of teeth, flossing, rinsing is a good idea especially among children and senior citizens. Top and hygiene also goes a long way in enhancing one’s self-confidence and appeal. Consuming a healthy and balanced diet that contains a generous intake of calcium i.e. including milk, leafy vegetables and fruits will also go a long way in improving one’s Even factors such as protection against physical damage especially when playing contact or adventure sports, relief from obesity and periodic checking for sores, cuts, inflations and infections can help maintain top-notch

First Published: Tue, October 03 2017. 16:12 IST