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Power walking: The new-age miracle workout that takes only 30 minutes a day

An internationally acclaimed and scientifically proven form of complete workout, that can be as effective as running

Ankita Saini 

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The biggest myth many of us believe is that staying fit takes a lot of time, money, and effort. Even after signing up for an expensive work-out plan and gym membership, people usually struggle to get fitter because they think they need to do ‘a lot’ to achieve well rounded results. That’s not true. Certain new-age exercises, provide complete body workout and take less than 30 minutes a day to deliver great results.

is one such option. It is an internationally acclaimed and scientifically proven form of complete workout, that can be as effective as running. It helps strengthen muscles, managing weight and reducing stress. This intensive form of demands more exaggerated and controlled body movement to achieve the all-round results. It requires both arms to be kept at a 90-degree angle with a back and forth movement while and one foot touching the ground at all times.

can help burn up to 345 calories an hour and should be a part of everyone’s daily routine. Here’s how helps for your different body parts:

Abdominal Muscles

The correct technique requires the abdominal muscles to be pulled in at all times. This results in stronger, more toned abdominal muscles. 


The heel-to-toe technique activates the gluteal (rear) muscles and results in a much more toned posterior. The trick is also to squeeze these muscles while  


requires both arms to be locked at a 90-degree angle and oscillated from eye level (in front) to the shoulder level (when back) during the entire cycle. This strengthens the shoulder muscles. 


The requirement to keep the body in a neutral position (not leaning forward as in the case of sprinting or running, or twisting as in the case of race walking) gives great posture adding to one’s overall personality and presence.


The heel-to-toe technique, coupled with speed, leads to greater pressure on the lower legs or the shin area. This consistent pressure results in an intensive work out of the shin muscles making them stronger. The long-term impact of on the shin area is similar to that of weight for the legs.

In addition, the intensive nature of the workout results in faster circulation of blood. Around 25-30 minutes of the power walk, every day would help you stay fit without burning a hole in your pocket.
Ankita Saini is a Medical advisor (PGD Forensic Psychology & Clinical Cardiology), Max Bupa Insurance

First Published: Sun, February 04 2018. 05:40 IST