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Reducing Risk of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer has the best survival rate but it's immensely essential to diagnose the cancer early in its first stage itself.

Anurag Khare 

Scientists find potential trigger to kill cancer

is one of the most common cancers to occur especially in women. Although less common but also occur in men. has the best survival rate but it’s immensely essential to diagnose the cancer early in its first stage itself. Women in the high-risk bracket like the ones over the age of 40 and having a history of in the family should undergo regular medical check-up every 6 months. Initial symptom of is mostly a small, singular, painless lump in the breast. It is of utmost importance that the diagnosis and treatment is untaken in the first stage of the cancer itself. Without the required treatment the cancer will grow and spread and will become more and more dangerous and difficult to treat with each passing day. Some other early symptoms of advent of may be veins becoming more prominent on one breast, swollen or depressed surface on the breast, inverted nipples, change in skin texture on the breast and more.

Diagnosis and Treatment
There are various types of breast cancers. To decide the line of treatment and more a thorough diagnosis is required. Some cancers are aggressive whereas some grow slowly. Depending upon where the cancer is formed and other characteristics some of the different types of are Ductal Carcinoma In-Situ (DCIS), Medullary Carcinoma, Infiltrating Ductal, Infiltrating Lobular, Mucinous Carcinoma, Tubular Carcinoma and Inflammatory Initial diagnosis is mostly done using one of the following three methods palpation, mammography and ultrasonography. Depending upon the results of the initial diagnosis the doctor will recommend biopsy to establish whether the lump is benign or malignant in nature. Once the doctor has all the data he or she will then decide on the line of treatment. Mostly the line of treatment depends upon the stage at which the cancer is. The most common treatment methods being Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy, Hormonal Therapy, Surgery, Targeted therapy or a combination of these and other methods.

Although the exact reason of what causes is unknown. Still experts believe that they have zeroed in on two primary reasons of what causes in at least 50% of the cases. The first being hereditary mutation of two genes namely BRCA1 and BRCA2 and the second being high estrogen levels in some women which makes them susceptible. One of the methods of preventing is to tackle the risk factors. Researchers have seen that postmenopausal obese women have higher risk on So optimal weight management, regular physical exercise which also helps increase immunity and control hormonal levels, cutting down on alcohol and animal fats and consuming more fruits and vegetables are some of the things that can help reduce risk of Other factors that can increase risk of amongst women are early puberty, late pregnancy, late menopause and no pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Living with and after Breast Cancer
can be divided in to 5 stages namely from Stage 0 to 4. Depending upon which stage one is at the quality of life and the amount of care required will vary accordingly. The later the diagnosis happens the more draining it will be on the quality of life, emotional resources and even financial resources. treatment can have a heavy toll on both physical and mental of a person. Awareness is the key here. One should ensure intake of adequate nutrition, enough fluid intake and regular exercise. One should also prepare themselves to fight stress, pain, anxiety, depression, exhaustion and much more. Even though once through with the treatment still any survivor of should ensure basic dos such as schedule regular and timely appointments with your doctor, ensure personal diagnosis, undergo all routine tests that will be prescribed by the doctor from time to time, ensure healthy diet, regular exercise or physical activity and have a positive outlook.

First Published: Fri, October 20 2017. 18:56 IST