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Strengthen Immune System and Fight Flu Naturally in Winters

lu is both contagious and dangerous but it does not require antibiotic treatment as it spreads due to a virus.

Anurag Khare 

New York City
New York City

Winter means advent of infections especially or is both contagious and dangerous but it does not require antibiotic treatment as it spreads due to a virus. Most symptoms of such as fever and pain are treated through Paracetamol and other related medications. But there are also few natural remedies that can provide relief and help the body fight or prevent the infection. Some effective natural remedies to fight a condition are:

- Concentrated juice made using green vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, nettle leaf, spinach leaf, fennel, and such as beans, peas, lentils and more are rich in iron and can help fight naturally. Iron plays a vital role in the development of red blood cells and white blood cells which are very valuable for our immune system. Also note that iron can only be properly used in our bodies in the presence of vitamin C. This remedy is particularly recommended for people who are iron deficient.

- is one of the most important minerals for the body in case of viral attack. Many functions depend on it and it plays an active role in the formation of antibodies. can be consumed by opting for supplements or by including food items that are rich in such as dry fruits, nuts, legumes, and in one’s daily diet.

- Rosemary helps with liver detoxification during the episode which is an essential process that helps eliminate the toxins released by the virus. Make a mixture of rosemary, ginger which will help stimulate the production of white blood cells and a little lemon which is rich in vitamin C and thyme which is a natural antiseptic. Let the mixture infuse for 10 to 15 minutes and filter the same, drink 2 to 3 cups a day.

- Salicylic acid of the willow bark has an anti-fever effect. The fever is a natural defence mechanism of the body, but one should ensure that it does not get out of hand. In case of viral infection it is normal that the fever will get elevated in the first 24 hours. However, be careful and consult a doctor if the fever rises too fast or lasts beyond 48 hours. A dry white willow bark decoction will help keep the fever at a reasonable level and reduce pain.

- Cinnamomum camphora is known for its anti-infective properties, particularly antiviral and expectorant properties. The essential oil is to be used externally only. Dilute the essential oil by adding 5-6 drops in a teaspoon of vegetable oil such as sweet almond oil and massage the chest and back with the same. One can also pour 2 drops of on a handkerchief and inhale the same for relief.

- or bee glue is known for its anti-infectious properties particularly in case of ENT and bronchi related problems. also helps strengthen the immune system. Various based products such as spray, liquid preparations and chewing gum are available in the market which can be used to fight viral infections.

- The said two points are located under the foot in the spaces between the big toe and the second toe and between the second and third. By gently massaging them with the fingertips, one will stimulate the lymphatic system closely linked to the immune system. After massage exert slow pressure of the whole arch with the thumb or closed fist, starting from the heel to the toes, this allows for relaxation of the nervous system and provides reduction of the physiological stress experienced during the viral attack. The said is to be performed 2 to 3 times a day from the beginning of the symptoms.

First Published: Fri, January 05 2018. 16:45 IST