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Tips for Weight Loss and Weight Gain Naturally

Maintaining the right weight helps improve overall health, reduces risk of many lifestyle diseases and ailment and helps one look and feel good.

Anurag Khare 

Image via Shutterstock
Image via Shutterstock

Maintaining the right weight helps improve overall health, reduces risk of many lifestyle diseases and ailment and helps one look and feel good. Both being overweight and underweight is bad for Obesity is one of the major causes of diseases such as high and sugar, osteoarthritis, gallbladder diseases and more. Overconsumption of fats, sugar and junk food is the primary cause for obesity. On the other hand being skinny brings along its share of risks too. One of the major reasons of being underweight is poor diet. When the body doesn’t receive the required amount of nutrients from the diet, the immune system of the body gets affected negatively. Underweight individuals are also more susceptible to ailments such as osteoporosis and anaemia. Other than eating, factors such as stress, regular sleep, amount of physical activity, genetics and many other factors also play an important role in determining a person’s ability to lose or gain weight.

How to lose weight naturally?

Overeating is one of the major culprits in weight gain and obesity. Thus to lose extra weight, self-discipline and being conscious of what one eats is quite important. If one is trying to lose weight and is not able to do so then there can be a number of reasons for the same. The first and foremost being lack of physical exercise, one will have to sweat and burn out the extra to lose weight. Irregular sleep and sleeping patterns, stress and anxiety may also be the reasons why someone is finding it hard to lose the flab. Binge eating and junk food are probably the most common reason on why one is overweight or is unable to lose eight. Underlying conditions or diseases such as hypothyroidism, blood sugar imbalance, prescription drug use and more may also reason for weight gain. So, what are the best ways to lose weigh naturally? Intake of Vitamin C and multivitamins can help one burn more fats. Thus include food items such as citrus fruits, broccoli and cantaloupe in your diet. Hitting the regularly doing cardio exercises and strength training can tone muscles and the body and help lose weight. Eating healthy and avoiding food items such sugar and alcohol will also go a long way in maintaining an ideal weight. Cooking healthy and drinking plenty of water will also assist in one’s weight loss endeavor.

How to

Majority of people are struggling with being overweight or obese hence being underweight or skinny is not considered as a major problem. Also mostly it is believed that it is not very hard to gain weight. But there are many individuals who struggle to put on weight. For an individual who is underweight it is very important to gain weight the right way. Binge eating can be harmful, the trick is to eat right and gain muscle mass and not fats. The basic weight gain theory states that if you consume more than you burn you will gain weight. For a person trying to gain weight it is recommended that his diet consist of 40% calorie intake as protein, 50% as carbohydrates and only 10% as fats. The protein and carbohydrate intake will help build muscles and the fat intake will help protect against excessive fat-loss. Being underweight is mostly associated with high metabolism and not eating enough. Thus be mindful about your calorie intake, it is recommended that an individual trying to gain weight should consume 5 or 6 substantial meals per day.

First Published: Mon, November 20 2017. 17:38 IST