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Tips to Preserve Good Health and Prevent Sickness

In fact good health is the single most significant thing is one's life but unfortunately still many a times it is ignored or is taken for granted.

Anurag Khare 

Yoga, health
Researchers said millions world over are benefiting from mind-body interventions like yoga and meditation.

is often equated with wealth, it is said that is wealth and rightly so. In fact is the single most significant thing is one’s life but unfortunately still many a times it is ignored or is taken for granted. is much more than just absence of diseases or ailments; it covers complete wellbeing of an individual both physical and mental. For an enhanced quality of life and to live one’s life to the fullest it is important that the body and all body functions perform optimally. The healthier one is, the more energy and vitality will he possess making him an active and productive member of the society. Being active and fit will also enhance one’s confidence and self-worth. Having will also have positive effect on one’s finances. One will not only save money as he won’t have to spend on medical and doctor bills but will also be in a position to work and earn more. So what are some simple and basic tips that one can follow to achieve and maintain Below are few tips, incorporate these tips in your daily routine and make it a point to follow these for good health:

Eat healthy – The most basic yet the most important tip of them all; eat right and healthy. A nutrient-rich diet is the key to Diet plays the most important role in maintaining one’s Eat natural and organic food items that are rich in vitamins, minerals, fibres and proteins. Increase intake of fresh fruits, vegetables and pulses. Have a balanced diet and cut down on junk food and sugar.

Drink plenty of water – Drink ample amount of water every day to keep your body hydrated and to detoxify it. It is recommended that an adult drinks around 8 glasses of water each day. Water helps keep all organs of the body hydrated and work at optimal levels. Water also acts as a lubricant for many processes in the body.

Physical activities and exercise – Keeping the body active by exercising regularly or by other physical activities help the body stay in shape. Physical activities such as swimming, bicycling or jogging may also help burn calories and fats, increase stamina, maintain weight and improve all systems of the body.

Follow a daily schedule – Follow a fixed daily schedule which preferably includes going to bed early and waking up early in the morning, doing yoga, or or spending sometime amidst nature. Morning walks or jogs can help lift both one’s mood and Having a fixed time schedule to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner is also important.

Quit alcohol and smoking – Cut down or better still completely quit drinking and smoking and it will drastically improve one’s quality of life. Both alcohol and tobacco usage increases risk of many diseases and ailments including cancer many a folds.

Weight management – Maintaining optimal weight will help improve many functions of the body thus improving overall and also looks and confidence.

Avoid stress and stay happy – Stress is a silent killer, many lifestyle diseases have their origins in stress. Thus avoid stress and confrontations, be positive and stay happy. Do things that you love doing, take some time out for yourself, plan a holiday, de-stress and pamper yourself often.

Routine check-ups – Make it a point to have regular check-ups especially if you are over 40 years of age. It is of utmost importance that any diseases or ailment is diagnosed and treated early. Do not ignore any related issues or pain and visit a medical professional as and when required.

First Published: Fri, November 17 2017. 17:31 IST