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Yoga Poses for Strengthening the Back

Yoga has remarkable positive impact on both physical as well as mental health.

Anurag Khare 

Yoga, health
Researchers said millions world over are benefiting from mind-body interventions like yoga and meditation.

means union; it is an ancient Indian discipline that unites the body and the mind. has remarkable positive impact on both physical as well as mental Other than strengthening the body and relieving stress, also ensures improvement in concentration and focus considerably. Overall benefits of practicing on a day to day basis include better coordination, flexibility, stability and much more. One of the advantages of is that as it doesn’t require any equipment other than a mat thus it can be practiced anywhere especially at home. Although it’s recommended to have the assistance of a trained Guru or instructor but one can learn online and from reading and practice simple posses for beginner at home. Most basic and physical problem that many people face today can be efficiently dealt with by using simple poses. One such problem is back pain and other related issues. Mentioned below are some simple poses that help fight back pain. As a beginner it’s recommended not to risk a long practice and hold approximately 30 seconds for each posture. Like other sports such as running, one can expand the time gradually. With time and frequent repetition of the poses flexibility will improve and one will be able to perform the poses a little more correctly. So what are some of the best poses for beginners that help fight back pain?

Cobra Pose – Stand face down, with your legs together and stretched and arms folded with your hands supported at shoulder height. Lift your legs keeping your legs close to the floor, holding your arms, lowering your shoulders and raising your chin so that we look slightly upwards. Hold the pose for 30 seconds, rest lying on your stomach and do it again for 30 seconds. With the cobra we work the upper part of the spine, improve the spinal muscles, stimulate the internal organs, expand the thoracic expansion and benefit the lumbar area.

Baby Poseis just the opposite of the One gets on his knees and supports the buttocks on the heels. Throw the body forward, resting the forehead on the floor and leaving the arms at the sides. Stay like this for about 30 seconds.

Tree Pose – Stand up, with straight legs, and put our palms on our heads, bending our elbows. Raise one of the legs and support the sole of the foot on the inner side of the opposite thigh. Stay like that for 30 seconds, repeat with the other leg. This asana balances the body and the mind, and stretches the spine.

(Face Down) – Start standing and lean forward placing the palms of the hands at the same distance from the shoulders, until we support the palms on the floor. Form a triangle with legs and arms, introducing the head between both falling relaxed looking at the ground. Stay like this for about 20 seconds, breathing deeply through the nose. This will improve the circulation of the legs, relax the back and revitalize the whole body. To return to the original position, lift the body with the head being the last to rise.

(Face Up) – Lie face down, thighs and feet towards the floor and legs open. Stretch your arms and slowly move your hips towards the palm of your hands. The weight of your body falls on your hands in this position.

Eagle Pose - Start standing, bending both legs and leaning slightly to the left. Bend the right one above, placing it around so that the right ankle reaches the left twin. Cross the elbow to the right, and place both hands together in front of the face. Try to hold on to this asana for 30 seconds, and repeat with the other leg. With the eagle we improve the back pain, develop the balance, stretch the thighs, the hips and the calves, as well as the high back, and we stretch the ankles too.

Clamp Pose – Sitting on the floor with straight legs, go forward flexing and placing hands on calves, ankles or soles, according to one’s flexibility. Drop the relaxed head between the arms. One can hold the asana as long as he wants, till he or she is comfortable. Gain flexibility with each exhalation, and try and touch the legs with the forehead.

Camel Pose – Get on your knees. Separate them at the distance of your hips and keep the thighs perpendicular to the ground. Curve your bust and place your hands down behind. Try to maintain your position for 30 seconds. This position is ideal for strengthening the back.

First Published: Wed, December 06 2017. 18:12 IST