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5 short-term skill-based courses that give you long-term benefits

Short term skill based courses can be a great way to improve on ideas and skills that you already have, and give your resume a boost.

Debolina Raja 

Higher education
Higher education

Shri had mentioned in one of his earlier speeches that the youth should be able to gain skills during their free time and vacations which can help to boost their overall experience and qualification.

Short term skill based courses can be a great way to improve on ideas and skills that you already have, and give your resume a boost. It is also a great way to learn something new that can help you acquire more knowledge and make you prepared for bigger and better roles.

How to select a short term course

Here are a few tips that can help you select the right short term skill based course as per your requirement:

  • Your educational qualifications and area of studies
  • Prior work experience if any
  • opportunities available with the particular course
  • Your interest or skill level in relation to the opportunities available with the particular course
  • Salary and growth prospects with the particular opportunity
Top short term courses for long term benefits

Here are some of the best short term courses you can go for, that come with good future prospects and will help in your overall growth.

1. Digital or regular marketing:

Digital media and marketing has taken over almost all fields and industries and plays a key role in the growth of different brands. It is cost-effective and gives you a good hands-on knowledge and experience of how the work will be once you take over professionally.

2. Business analytics:

works around the areas of finance, planning, marketing, sales and operations. It is a crucial feature for any business and uses a host of tools and techniques. The fees are not too high and make for a good investment if you are interested in these areas.
  • Main areas: Logistic regression, data summary, clustering, market basket analysis, decision tree, linear regression and time series modelling.
  • Key roles: Industries such as IT, e-com, banking and insurance, healthcare, HR, biotechnology and law.

3. Financial modelling:

It is one of the most sought after roles in the financial sector today and has great prospects. The course will equip you to build powerful models that can help a company from various angles such as valuation, operations, investment and financing.
  • Main areas: To build a business model or one that depicts financial statements.
  • Key roles: Sectors such as commercial banks to disburse loans to projects, project management to track the performance of current projects.

4. Java:

professionals draw the highest salaries in the sector and are given the best of perks. It is an object-oriented programming language that lets you create real-world applications. is used from the smallest of devices to the most complex of computers.
  • Main areas: The main areas covered in a short term course are architecture, fundamentals and significance.
  • Key roles: programmer, webmaster, web developer.

5. Big data and Hadoop:

This offers one of the highest pays in the sector and helps businesses take better decisions and strategic moves. It lets you build on the platform and is a software framework that helps store and process Big Data.
  • Main areas: Main areas covered include Map-Reduce, ZOOKEEPER, HBASE, HDFS, HIVE, PIG and SQOOP.
  • Key roles: Hadoop developer, data analyst, data architect, Big Data engineer and chief data officer.

First Published: Tue, October 10 2017. 13:08 IST