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Schedule your interview meeting for the morning - here's why

Most interviews, especially if multiple candidates are scheduled for a meeting the same day, can be a very hectic and straining situation for the recruiter.

Debolina Raja 

Employer confidence

A is as important for you as it is for the While you are trying to get selected for the role you have applied for, your is also trying to find the best possible match for the same.

Most interviews, especially if multiple are scheduled for a meeting the same day, can be a very hectic and straining situation for the Also, recruiters sometimes try to fit in these meetings in between other more important and bigger work commitments, which means they already have too much going on in their minds.

If you are given the opportunity to select a time slot for your meeting, try and schedule it in the first half, preferably for the earliest slot in the morning.

4 reasons why a morning interview meeting can work best in your favour.

1. Less stressful:

  • Yours as well as your recruiter’s stress levels will be much lesser in the morning as compared to how stressful it can get during the second half. Your may already have met many potential through the morning, and by the time they meet you, they could already be tired and stressed out.
  • If you have to wait for hours before your meeting takes place, the constant waiting and thinking about what is going on inside can stress you out too. Scheduling the meeting in the morning will ensure both you and your are fresh for the day and can be more positive.

2. Personal as well as professional:
  • A morning meeting will give you better chances to create a personal and professional rapport with your If you are in the first slot, it is possible that your might offer you a cup of coffee, as they too would like to have one.
  • This can be a good start to your interview, as it makes the environment and gives you an opening to bring in a more human approach to the interview. Of course remember to not get too personal and maintain the right balance.

3. Focus better:
  • As the day goes on, your can start getting busier, which means there may be other things on their mind that they have to take care of, along with conducting the interview. This is the time when they may have to start taking certain unavoidable calls, or tend to important mails they cannot leave for the next day.
  • Your concentration levels as well as energy levels will be less sharp during the second half, and it will be difficult for you to focus on the interview as compared to the morning hours.

4. More time for other work
  • Scheduling a meeting in the morning means that it leaves you as well as your time through the day to focus on other important work at hand. For your recruiter, this means that they are likely to get back to their work and continue with their daily routine once they have finished the interview.
  • Once your meeting is over in the morning, you have the entire day to plan as per your need and can focus on other work or personal commitments. This is also a good idea if you are already working somewhere and means you do not have to take an entire day off.

First Published: Tue, November 14 2017. 10:12 IST