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Answers to last week's quiz (#079)

Strategist Team  |  New Delhi 


  1. Which Italian luxury apparel and accessory brand is opening its store at the Trident hotel in Mumbai? 
  2. What is the term associated with an unlikely but not impossible catastrophe that no one ever seems to plan for? It was popularised by a book with the same title and is symbolic of the current downturn caused by irrational exuberance.
    The Black Swan. A term coined by Nassim Taleb, author of the book with the same title. 
  3. Recently, an Istanbul-based company recruited 100 additional staff to meet over three lakh orders for its product model no. 271. Why is the product in demand?
    It’s the footwear brand worn by the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes on US President George W Bush. It is made by the Istanbul-based Baydan Shoe Company. 
  4. In 1905, on a cold winter night, an 11-year-old mixed soda water powder and water in a glass and left it on his back porch. He recounted the incident 18 years later and applied for a patent. Name this inventor and his invention. 
    Frank Eppersonm, who came up with the ice cream stick. Initially, it was called the Epsicle and subsequently changed to Popsicle. 
  5. Who launched the brands Shhh and Controversial? 
    Perfumes launched by British reality TV star Jade Goody 
  6. Name the company which specialises in sending men dressed like extras from a 1930s Fred Astaire movie to humiliate debtors into paying up?
    El Cobrador Del Frac, a Spanish company 
  7. Which brand launched a special edition of its product as a tribute to Marlene Dietrich? The product carries the star’s signature on it.
    Mont Blanc pens 
  8. Before the internet era, hard copies of memos were circulated in offices with a covering note carrying the names of all those who are to receive or see it. What was the covering note called?
    Buck Slips 
  9. As per his wish, which actor-singer was buried with a packet of Camel cigarettes.
    Frank Sinatra 
  10. This logo belongs to a brand which can be linked to Sania Mirza, Boris Becker and Martina Navratilova. Identify it.



There were no all-correct entries for quiz # 79.