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Answers to last week's quiz (#232)

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  1. What is the connection between the South Sea Bubble of the 1700s to the Laws of Gravity? 
    Speculation in the South Sea Company’s stock led to a great economic bubble known as the South Sea Bubble in 1720 and Sir Isaac Newton who was then the master of the Royal mint despite having access to insider information lost his entire fortune of GBP 20,000. 
  2. Adolf Hitler, Mahatma Gandhi, JRD Tata, Sigmund Freud, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Dalai Lama and Indira Gandhi are in the list of contributors of articles to this newspaper. Name it. 
    The Times of India. 
  3. If Aristotle is to General Motors, Harry Potter is to ______? Fill in the blank and identify the books and its author who is a motivational speaker and Philospher. 
    Tom Morris authored the books ‘If Aristotle ran General Motors and Harry Potter ran General Electric’ to apply philosophy to contemporary culture. 
  4. After signing a takeover deal in India and returning home in the early 90s, this erstwhile CEO of a US based company suffered from an amoebic infection called Shigella. An infection that is mainly transmitted through handshakes. Name the person and the Indian brands that got sold? 
    Neville Isdell the CEO of Coca Cola in 1993 who bought Parle’s Thumps Up, Limca and Maaza brands. 
  5. Which famous founder CEO’s words are these “I want to put a ding in the Universe”?
    Steve Jobs of Apple. 
  6. What is Zaitech trading and with which country is this practice associated.
    A practice followed in Japan by Blue chip companies that take funds from their traditional lines of business and making speculative investments in the stock and real estate markets. 
  7. This brand’s sales picked up famously after it was used by the US Astronaut John Glenn in space while conducting eating experiments. It became extremely popular in the Middle East with the Indian population and hence was launched in India too. Name the brand and its owner. 
    Tang owned by Kraft foods. 
  8. What has moved from a safe-deposit box at the SunTrust Bank, where it has resided for 86 years, into a vault at the Global HQ of the company that owns it? 
    Coca Cola’s secret formula. 
  9. Which brand now uses this base line “Put People First”?
    Microsoft Windows Phone7.5. 
  10. Identify this organisation founded by an Asian American that gets funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and Google.

    Popular not for profit tutoring organisation for students called the Khan academy founded by Bangladeshi American Salman Khan 1737.

There were three all-correct entries for The Strategist quiz #232.The winners who will receive a copy of Positive Conflict: Transform Opposition into Innovation are Jayati Chakraborty, New Delhi; Abdul Hameed, New Delhi; Shefali Jain, Meerut. Jayati Chakraborty also wins Rs 2,000.

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