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Dear Students,

LAST WEEK WE ASKED: Do you think coaching institutes will lose their relevance under the single entrance exam for NITs, IITs reign?


Single entrance exam for NITs, IITs brings a great sigh of relief to all the students both financially and mentally. However, relevance of coaching institutes will not be lost rather will get modified. Earlier, they were seen as hubs that can transform you into a ready to move in engineering college material, but now they would be seen as centres where students can go to sustain the regularity in their sitting hours for preparation of exam that has almost all the top notch engineering college under its umbrella. In short, single exam beckons a new face for them.

-- Varun Saxena, National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Mumbai.


The coaching classes have become a necessary evil. They are here to stay. It is a known fact that the owners of these commercial hubs have become millionaires by exploiting staff, who are by and large incompetent, unqualified, and treated like bonded labour. They take the students and parents for a ride by selling them their dreams. One exam is going to give bumper profits as these sharks will loot the gullible parents by their aggressive marketing, as anybody and everybody will feel that their child or ward will be a IITian. They will flourish in the new scenario.

-- Milind Nerurkar, Wilson College, Mumbai.

The present teaching standards in schools are focused on grasping the entirety of the syllabus. Very little emphasis is laid on nurturing and enhancing the analytical skills of the students. The entrance

exams, however judge the analytical skills of the students and the thorough understanding of the subject. Moreover, with a single entrance exam, the margin of error will be substantially low. Therefore to meet these requirements of the students, the coaching institutes will preserve their relevance in future.

-- Akshay Chadha, NSIT, Delhi.

The syllabi of major competitive exams are more or less similar to each other. The difficulty level however is what use to distinguish the amount of preparation required. A single entrance exam will ensure an optimum amount of preparation on the part of students but doesn’t imply that now students will not require assistance of coaching institutes. The coaching institutes will still be relevant to the aspiring students. It is just that they will not be able to make money in the name of different batches for different exams. It surely will bring peace to the hectic life of students.

-- Neha Singh, IBS Gurgaon.

The current scenario of coaching looks like it is reducing the capability of candidates to explore themselves and increasing the dependence on coaching centre. As a result students are limited in their knowledge and are at the mercy of these institutes. However, even a single entrance exam for NITs, IITs may not affect the relevance of coaching centres.

-- Vishal Chhabra, ICAI Saharanpur.

With the implementation of new policy, number of students taking coaching would rise because earlier only those who applied for IIT exam required extra coaching but now all those interested in engineering as a career need to give the single JEE (joint entrance exam). Also now the students cannot neglect board exams by merely passing with sufficient marks they need to score maximum marks considering the 50 percent weight-age. Thus, coaching institutes will be least affected irrespective of the number of entrance exams being held.

-- Shivam Chhabra, Integral University, Lucknow.

The new system of single entrance exam will be a dampener for coaching institutes and also reduce the mental and financial stress on students, and will at least partially bring back the importance of classroom education and render a big blow to the mega buck IIT coaching-industry that has grown exponentially over the years. But this new pattern seems like a ploy to make school education more attractive to private investment, which will definitely sound the death knell for poor and rural students, as we don’t have basic education system in place, depriving them of their dream IITs.

-- Anoop Periwal, IBS Mumbai.

No measures could make the coaching institutes lose their relevance.  Only one thing can downgrade these institutions when we will have high quality faculty members in most of the schools. Obviously, students and parents will choose coaching institution for quality learning as quality faculty members are part of it. The new format is going to create obstacles for rural students who do not usually have access to a good school. The solution is to make teaching profession more rewarding since it is irregularity of our education boards that has given birth to such institutes.

-- Asit Kumar Pradhan, IBS Kolkata.

Coaching institutes help in the systematic preparation of the aspirants and provide a competitive atmosphere in which a student gets a chance to improve himself vis-a-vis the other ones. Coaching institutes will not lose their relevance until there are competitive examinations and so the new format of single entrance exam is not going to create much of a difference. The increase in the number of aspirants over the years is a significant factor for the growth of this industry. In these times of cut throat competition no one wants to lag behind and so the industry keeps on growing.

-- Prateek Parimal, Institute of Rural Anand (IRMA).

As per the announcement by the centre, the students besides facing two tests i.e. JEE Mains and JEE Advanced, also have to get qualifying marks in their XII Std boards. This has put the coaching institutes at a win-win position. The students will now enroll for the preparation of both the stages and their board examination. Thus, not only can the institutes introduce another branch for the boards but also charge higher for the two different stages. This change is a high tide for them but if utilised well it will make them the rulers of the sea.

-- Sourav Panda, Khallikote Autonomous College, Odisha.

Coaching institutes offer preparation for all different types of entrance exam and have the ability to adapt any change of pattern. For them this would be a mere change in pattern. So it would be wrong to say that they would lose their relevance rather the importance of coaching institutes will increase because of the common exam (as it is definitely going to be harder for average students). It can be said that common entrance exam will strengthen the coaching industry. The only one to (lose relevance or) suffer because of this decision will be the students.

-- Nishita Verma, IBS Mumbai.

In India we have single entrance exam for almost every coveted job or entrance exam be it civil services, CAT, and PCS(J), among others. Coaching institutes have flourished not because we have multiple entrance exam but because of flawed education system, different board, regional disparity, rural, urban, semi-urban and metropolitan divide. There exists huge disparity in quality of education, other facility needed for quality education among regions aforementioned. Now, coaching institute will only restructure their focus from just entrance exam to board and entrance. They will now launch integrated program which will prepare student for both board and entrance exam.

-- Nilaya Mitash Shanker, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee.

Today, entrance exams are just a passport to get into the higher education flight after +2 and the coaching institutes provides a tailor stitched visa to students to make their journey comfortable and hassle free. Coaching institutes can never find their shimmer faded in any circumstance because whatever be the format of entrance paper a guiding line is always needed and nobody cares in acquiring any practical knowledge. So under the new format in spite of coaching centres, stress busters & consultation centers will be opened to guide students and parents on how to cope up with entrance and board exams together.

-- Nandish Agarwal, Galgotias College of Engineering and Technology, Greater Noida.

The definition of success and the level of competition has completely changed in the recent years. Single entrance examination adds pressure on both the students and the coaching centres. The relevance of institutes increases manifolds, as most of the engineering aspirants would require guidance when it comes to qualifying in a single opportunity per year. Moreover, coaching institutions are evergreen profession, they can never go out of relevance considering the various levels of intellect, apprehension and desire among students.

-- Rhiva Singh, IBS Gurgaon.

The coaching institutes will never lose their relevance under the single entrance exam for NITs or IITs. With the growing economy and technology, the education system of India is also improving and advancing day by day. Starting from our childhood stage, it’s always seen that being a child or a student, he or she always needs a proper mentoring and guidance for education. At the early stages of education, tuition or guidance from parents works wonder but once they complete their primary education, much more mentoring and constant help is always required.

-- Poushali Dutta, IBS Kolkata.

The objective behind single entrance system is to consolidate the system and bring down the mental pressure of aspiring students for joining well reputed and best in class institution of this country.   This will definitely gives an additional value for coaching institutions by deploying faculty those who have the ability to handle a subject in detail, rather making students to prepare on the basis of the institution they desire to join. On the hindsight, the revenue part of coaching institutions will take a hit due to this single pattern of entrance system.  

-- Geethanjali Janani, Saveetha School (SMS), Chennai.

The stress and competition that an average student faces for admission into institutes like NITs and IITs has been a cause of concern to the guardian and the teachers today. Even though there are several renowned institutions all over India, at some level all engineering aspirants hope to study at these institutes at some point of time. Most students joining prestigious coaching institutes have the same ambition in mind. Thus even if a common national test in conducted, the relevance of these institutes will never go down.

-- Anirban Guha, IBS Kolkata.

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First Published: Thu, June 07 2012. 00:10 IST