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BBC journalist's 'sandwich hack' leaves Twitterati 'baffled'

ANI  |  New York [U.S.A.] 

The internet was left perplexed, rather 'baffled', with a certain 'Sandwich Hack', devised by Dougal Shaw, a BBC reporter and story teller.

Shaw 'pioneered' a money-saving hack of making sandwiches rather than buying them.

Celebrating Britain's Sandwich week, the BBC Sunday feature drew attention to Britain's £7.8 billion 3.5 billion sandwiches consumption. Shaw reported his weekly spending on sandwiches reduced from £17.50 to £9.50, due to his new-found 'hack.'

The video diary had the Twitterati confused, in a rather sardonic way, even as they expressed their shock over BBC producing such obvious content.

The BBC reporter confirmed the legitimacy of the experiment, while replying to one of his critics.

Shaw declared his experiment a "success," citing that his colleauges were now "envious" of the "freshly made meal every day."

"Counter reading: It's an example of a worker taking over means of production from a corporation," he tweeted to the critics.

Twitter users, however, mocked the BBC reporter unabashedly.

One wrote, "One took to twitter to express their disbelief over Shaw's experiment, tweeting, "THIS. CANNOT. BE REAL.""

Another Twitter user posted, "BREAKING! Ingredients cost less than finished article - making your own sandwich cheaper. SHOCK."

"WOW! This genius realised that you can actually make sandwiches...YOURSELF. You don't need to buy them! Incredible!" wrote another.