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Mumbai gang rape, a matter of extreme shock: Priya Dutt

She added that the country must ponder upon the social implications of such incidents

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Priya Dutt, Congress MP
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Congress Member of Parliament , a resident of , on Friday said the gang rape of a young is a matter of extreme shock, and added that the country must ponder upon the social implications of such incidents.

"It was very shocking because Mumbai is the city we have grown up in and we have never felt insecurity where we are concerned. ...As far as security of women goes, definitely, there has been a change in circumstances in Mumbai," Dutt said.

"I have full faith that the police in Mumbai are efficient enough to complete the investigations as soon as possible. I think they are coming out with more breakthroughs. But, my thing is that, we have to look at what is happening socially," she added.

Using drug addiction as an example, Dutt said that incidents of crime are indicative of a severe social problem.

"We have to realize what impact do these incidents have on our society-it could be unemployment, it could be drug abuse, it could be everything which escalates into crime eventually. I think that looking at this aspect is also very important," Dutt said.

"When you talk about drugs-you talk about the elite or you talk about the slums-it's the same. When you talk about elite it's more acceptable, when you talk about slums, it's not. So, our mindset must change. Our mindset should change and see what is impacting our society," she added.

A 22-year-old photojournalist, interning for a lifestyle magazine, was allegedly raped by at least three among a group of five men at an abandoned mill close to the railway tracks in the Mahalaxmi area of Mumbai last night.

The incident reportedly took place at around 8 p.m. when the girl and her male colleague were at Shakti Mills, which is located very close to the railway tracks in the Mahalaxmi area, shooting for a magazine assignment.

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