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US Congress urged to end tax cuts for wealthiest Americans

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The rally was held at a time when US President Barack softened his bargaining stance by moving closer to the Republicans on taxes and social security.

Obama proposed Tuesday that tax hikes on wealthy Americans could begin with households earning $400,000, not the $250,000 that he has long called for.

David Aldridge, spokesman for The Action, told Xinhua that the election is over and it is time to make it count.

He said the US Congress has until Dec 31 to make a critical and historic choice. They can ask the richest two percent of Americans to pay their fair share, or they can put more money in wealthy pockets at the expense of the struggling middle class.

There is too much money and power in too few hands and the system is rigged to keep it that way. It's time to level the playing field and make things right, Aldridge said.


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