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China has often raised suspicion over commitment with India to fight terror

It's imperative for both India and China to deepen their friendship and promote cooperation

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With reference to the editorial, “Choose to negotiate” (July 4), has often raised suspicion over its shared commitment with to fighting by repeatedly exploiting legal loopholes in international agreements to protect terrorists operating from  

has a notorious record of thwarting India’s attempts to get permanent membership of the and membership of international non-proliferation alliances such as the Nuclear Suppliers Group. It has always tried to play the devil’s advocate and blocked moves by for membership of the by insisting on simultaneous admission of Pakistan. Its indulgence in cross-border aggression is another example of muscle-flexing to intimidate into recognising its supremacy.

However, it is imperative for both and to deepen their friendship and promote cooperation in various spheres in the larger interest of bilateral relations and for the cultural and economic development of both the civilisations. Difficult issues, particularly the border dispute, should not become an obstacle in the path of development or prevent either nation from becoming an anchor of world peace. 

As both the economies have embarked on a path of social and economic development improving people’s standard of living and enhancing trade relations are the primary objectives both the nations should achieve. It is time both sides calmed the troubled waters and steadily pushed forward the negotiation process to find a reasonable and mutually acceptable solution to all their differences.

                                                 Shreyans Jain   New Delhi 

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First Published: Wed, July 05 2017. 09:30 IST