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Letters: Seeing red

Is there perception of danger to life of an individual warranting such security at public cost

C Gopinath Nair  |  Kochi 

With reference to “Light turns red for beacons” (May 1), it may lay to rest the famous quote, “All men are equal but some are more equal than others.” The VIP culture had evolved from the British era when Britishers showed off their dominance over Indians with a government distancing itself from the people for its own aims. Although the initial decade or two after Independence tried to shrug this off the infection returned with a vengeance in the name of personal security somewhere around the Sixties and spread its tentacles thereafter. However, is there any perception of danger to life or limb of an individual warranting such security at public cost? It is also a waste of precious time when traffic is held up and barricades made for just someone posing as an executive, may be to either create fear or instil a sense of respect. If it is a threat perception it should be clarified as to the nature of such threat and its possible source. If it is for respect, it is akin to contempt for the people one is expected to serve and uprooting the very foundations of the Constitution.

C Gopinath Nair  Kochi
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