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Letters to BS: Bose weakened British empire in India, not Congress

Let not Rahul Gandhi harbour any illusions about his party's role in ending the British rule

Business Standard 

With reference to your article, “Help fight forces of hatred: Rahul Gandhi’s appeal to NRIs in Bahrain” (January 9) Basking in the reflected glory of his “allied” electoral success in Gujarat, Mr is emboldened to get back to the old game — blaming the BJP of communalism. This, from the member of a party which has the dubious distinction of being the progenitor of divisive vote-bank politics of minority-appeasement and allying with the most communal elements. And astonishingly, he says his party knows how to defeat the BJP, since the former has the experience of defeating the British. Like the Leftist falsehoods about Ram Mandir-Babri Masjid, maybe he thinks that such half-truths will go unnoticed.

In his “History of the Freedom Movement in India” Vol 3, renowned historian Dr R C Majumdar quotes a conversation between P B Chakraborty and Clement Attlee: “...Attlee had cited several reasons, the most important of which were the activities of Netaji which had weakened the very foundations of the attachment of the Indian land and naval forces to the British government.” Hence, let not Mr Rahul harbour any illusions about his party’s role in ending the British rule, when the colonialists themselves reveal the names of the persons behind their retreat. Instead of Goebbelsian communal propaganda against the BJP, Mr Rahul should question the ruling party on jobs, agriculture, poverty and environment.

C V Krishna Manoj, Hyderabad

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First Published: Thu, January 11 2018. 00:16 IST