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Saudis are happy that they have done some lip service to Americans

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My compliments for the excellent editorial, “Trump on terror-firma” (May 23). US President (pictured), arguably, delivered his most “moderate speech” — that’s a big relief for the world — but, as rightly pointed out by the editorial, the “credibility of his message” is suspect.

Foreign policies of successive US governments have always been dictated by two of their biggest industries, defence and pharmaceuticals. There are no limits on the actions, overt and covert, of these “sacred cows”. They would do just about anything to protect their profitability and, in turn, the interests of US lawmakers.

One doesn’t need to be a researcher to see that all wars fought by the mighty American nation were at the behest of its defence industry and not for any sound ideological reasons. The US’ ostensible war on terrorism is no different; it is dictated by the powerful defence industry. A large part of the $110 billion worth of defence equipment that will buy from the US will obviously reach outfits around the world. The defence industry will then sell more arms — god knows worth how many billions of dollars! — to nations and the US military and paramilitary forces to fight these terrorists.

So American arms will fight American arms, at various “theatres” around the globe and the merry-go-round will continue. The charade will continue and, in the process, American industry will become richer and even more powerful. 

Everyone is happy. Trump can deliver “moderate speeches” and improve his credibility in his own party and among the US public and, possibly, improve his chances of surviving a full term. 

Saudis are happy that they have done some lip service to Americans. American defence industry owners are happy: They can laugh their way to the bank and provide even more funds to their political system.

Krishan Kalra   Gurgaon

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