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Parthasarathi Shome: Reflections on the FY18 Union Budget

Has the age of 'post-truth' and 'alternative facts' arrived in India?

Parthasarathi Shome 

Parthasarathi Shome Much has been written, including by myself, on the technical aspects of this Budget. Here I discuss some conceptual and perhaps philosophical, ramifications. A new literature on post-truth and alternative facts – an extremity of post-modernism – is emerging. Does India now fit into it?   Traversing the Budget, to begin, the date was brought forward from 28 to 1 February. If this is brought forward to 1 January next year, India could arguably move its financial year to the calendar year, easier for accounting purposes. The government should declare its ...


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First Published: Tue, February 14 2017. 22:43 IST