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Unseemly war of words

As an old saying goes, self-praise is no recommendation

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With reference to the snippet under Chinese Whispers, “Battle of words” (September 11), it begins with the remarks that “when an election approaches, politicians make headlines for their skill with words”. In fact, our self-centred politicians are more concerned about “capturing” the most coveted space in the national media through their unending “skirmishes” involving the use of tantalising words whenever they are in any election mode. However, the latest unhealthy and unconvincing wordy duel between the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) chief Amit Shah (pictured) and the Biju Janata Dal (BJD) in Odisha does not augur well for both of them in the given situation. Shah, who is virtually out on a political mission to “conquer India”, should not have taken recourse to publicly indulging in such a sarcastic war of words with the sole intent to demean the BJD. One really wonders whether the BJP truly deserves such a “victory” on pan-India basis? In all fairness, having much needed confidence is one thing but mistakenly suffering from some “over-confidence” could always be self-defeating. As an old saying goes, self-praise is no recommendation. And, it should also be kept in mind that all our wishes are seldom granted.

Kumar Gupt   Panchkula
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First Published: Mon, September 11 2017. 22:33 IST