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Sukho Thai offers monsoon-special therapies

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So the rain gods smile upon Mumbai and bring with them the season of fresh winds and lots of water, hot chai and kandabhaji’s…. It’s the season of romance with long monsoon walks and also the season to catch diseases! It is the season to relax and rejuvenate with to hot monsoon therapies from Sukho Thai, best enjoyed during special Happy Hours at select Sukho Thai outlets!

The Thai Traditional Hot Stone and the Thai Traditional Herb Bun are classic monsoon foot massage therapies that Sukho Thai Recommends. These therapies are particularly useful during monsoons as during the rains our feet become dry and loose moister because of the preventive footwear. Sometimes, they may also get soaked and painful. These therapies not just help retain the moisture and increase blood circulation, they also relieve stressed muscles and give warmth to the body.

Thai Traditional Hot Stone Therapy is an exotic massage that involves the use of warmed volcanic rocks to soothe the pressure points in the foot, transferring warmth and relaxing the deep tissues. This is a classic therapy to soothe muscle tension and increase blood circulation.

Thai Traditional Herb Bun massage involves the use of steam heated herbal compresses that combines a blend of 23 aromatic and therapeutic herbs. Tried and tested over centuries for their medicinal qualities, these herbs have an invigorating effect to stimulate the senses while relaxing every muscle in your foot. It also acts as a hydrant, restoring moisture and health to the skin and warmth to the muscles.

While inside the spa, all you can hear is the sound of tinkling water fountains and soothing music, well trained therapists work their Thai magic on your feet making you sink into your cozy chair. Exotic fruits served after therapy tickle your taste buds and flush the toxins away. The oils, fragrances as well as the slip on footwear and the change over therapy pants are all made and imported from Thailand especially for Sukho Thai guests.

Speaking about the importance and the growing popularity of foot spa’s in IndiaFounder and Director, Mr. Shailesh Patil says “ Traditional Thai foot massages have been in practice for centuries across Thailand and are proven for their soothing activity of the 10 ‘sen’ or energy lines that pass through the feet, connecting major acupressure points and effecting vital organs. Hence, foot spa’s are completely relaxing for the entire body. Moreover, Foot spas are quick and hassle free. You do not require changing into spa clothes or be bathed in oil and shower before you can step out. You just change into comfortable pants and get into a relaxing foot massage for 60 mins and walk out rejuvenated! This has further brought our customers closer to us in this age of ‘instant’ gratification.”      

Enjoy these and other therapies at the High Street Phoenix, lower Parel outlet, Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla outlet, Versova outlet and Pheonix Market city, Viman Nagar, Pune outlet from Monday to Friday 12:00 – 5:00 pm, only during monsoons!   

Sukho Thai can also be experienced at their Turner Road, Bandra West outlet (022 264 00 264), and Colaba outlets in Mumbai. 

About Sukho Thai:
Sukho Thai is the first popular spa chain in Mumbai specializing in foot massages. The word “Sukho” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Sukh” which stands for happiness and “Thai” is adapted from Thailand.

The first spa opened at the upscale neighbourhood of Bandra in September 2010; it received a raving response from local celebrities, corporate guests, sports personalities as well as professionals and home makers. The second Sukho Thai opened at High Street Phoenix and was inaugurated by Shri Uddhavji Thackeray.

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First Published: Tue, July 10 2012. 19:11 IST