Severance pay row: Why Rajiv Bansal may have the upper hand over Infosys

Former finance head Bansal, who left Infosys in 2015, has gone for arbitration over severance pay

Rajiv Bansal, Infosys, Former CFO
Rajiv Bansal

Rajiv Bansal, former finance head at Infosys Technologies, has sought arbitration to get the remaining portion of the severance pay he had been once promised. The Times of India first reported this development, based on sources. Personnel and legal experts say in such cases, employees are likely be favoured, as courts and tribunals consider them vulnerable before a large company or organisation. Bansal has  reportedly hired Indus Law to fight for his dues. Former Supreme Court judge R V Raveendran has been appointed sole arbitrator in the case, while Nishith Desai ...