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'Women pack too much stuff for their holidays'

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Most women admit they take too many clothes with them and around two-thirds even use their partner's suitcase to cram in extra items.

A total of 2,317 women in UK who had been on holiday with their partner in the last 12 months were surveyed, the 'Daily Express' reported.

As many as 78 per cent said they had filled their suitcase to the maximum allowed weight.

While 84 per cent said they had taken away more than they needed, 67 per cent admitted to putting items in their partner's case.

On average, the "overflow" level reached up to a third of a partner's case, with electrical items such as cameras and hairdryers the most common things added.

Women also put toiletries in their partner's case, with 27 per cent saying they tended to divide items between bags in case one piece of luggage was lost, the report said.

"I think it's well known women pack a lot more. It's down to the just-in-case mentality - packing for all occasions and weather conditions," said Chris Clarkson, co-founder of sunshine.Co.Uk, which conducted the poll.


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